Bangkok, Thailand: The City Of Angels

Known as the City of Angels, Bangkok is filled with hundreds of amazing temples and shrines. It has for a long time been a place where travelers from all corners of the world meet on their quest to explore and experience the best of what Asia has to offer. Bangkok is

Things to do in Phuket, Thailand

We left the Bangkok Hotel around 4:30 AM and got to the airport around 5:10 AM. We took an early morning plane to Phuket, leaving at 6:20 AM. The flight is one hour and twenty minutes long arriving around 8AM. Outside the airport doors there are booths for taxis and shared taxi

Walking Guide of Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 13 Kilometers

The official name of Phnom Penh in the Khmer language translates into the 'City of four faces' which hints to the fact that Cambodia's capital lies on four rivers. It is where during the horrible years of the Khmer Rouge over 2.4 million people were killed by a regime thankfully long

Top 7 Beautiful Destinations in India Which Are Less Touristy

Article Written by Contributor: Rohit undertakes arduous journeys to bring to the fore the hidden delights of the tourist destinations. He brings his memoirs to Trans India Travels, and helps the readers to know more about the vacation hot spots. From the emerald beaches in the south, to the snow-capped hills in

Ultimate 18 Day Itinerary to Visit China

As the fourth largest country by size and largest population in the world, China is a must visit for all travelers. The first thing to keep in mind when visiting China is that you might need a visa and if you do and plan to visit Hong Kong, you will

Seeing Istanbul, Turkey in 20 hours

On a flight from Spain to Nepal, we had an extra long layover in Istanbul, Turkey. We had the option of a 12 hour layover or a 20 hour layover. We opted for the longer, to give us as much time to explore Istanbul on this "free" stop. Also, since it was