Top 7 Beautiful Destinations in India Which Are Less Touristy

Article Written by Contributor: Rohit undertakes arduous journeys to bring to the fore the hidden delights of the tourist destinations. He brings his memoirs to Trans India Travels, and helps the readers to know more about the vacation hot spots. From the emerald beaches in the south, to the snow-capped hills in

Ultimate 18 Day Itinerary to Visit China

As the fourth largest country by size and largest population in the world, China is a must visit for all travelers. The first thing to keep in mind when visiting China is that you might need a visa and if you do and plan to visit Hong Kong, you will

Seeing Istanbul, Turkey in 20 hours

On a flight from Spain to Nepal, we had an extra long layover in Istanbul, Turkey. We had the option of a 12 hour layover or a 20 hour layover. We opted for the longer, to give us as much time to explore Istanbul on this "free" stop. Also, since it was

Ultimate Bucket list destinations in Asia

Life can not be complete without a trip through Asia. This vastly immense and diverse continent has over 30% of Earth's total land area and nearly 60% of the global population. We have create our bucket list for Asia, as Ray Bradbury said “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop

Top things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

We arrived to Hanoi, Vietnam via airplane. The 40-minute ride from the airport to the city in a minibus cost ₫100,000(Vietnamese Dong)(approximately 4.50 USD) per person. However, the 40 minute ride, turned into two hours, after waiting to fill the minibus and dropping others off. If you do not have the

Cruising on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

To celebrate New Years 2015/2016 we chose to do a cruise on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The bay is a World Heritage Site with thousands of limestone karsts and small islands. Its endless beauty is the perfect place to ring in the new year. We signed up a 3 day-2 night cruise for 105USD

5 amazing and cheap destinations in South East Asia

South East Asia has many beautiful countries that are often forgotten when planning your travels around the world. The lower costs and endless beauty should put this region of the world on everyones travel list. There are landscapes for everyone to enjoy, if you are looking for beaches, forests, vast