11 items you must pack in your carry on bag

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste It is really important to always carry your toothbrush and a small toothpaste not only to keep yourself fresh during the flight but also in case your luggage get lost at least you carry what is necessary to stay clean and fresh. 2. Hair brush A long flight can

5 ways to make your vacation more enjoyable

1. Visit the location at the right time It is easy to say I would love to go to the Eiffel tower and plan a trip around that fact, but we recommend you first look into the weather, local holidays and the season. It is not only cheaper when you go

5 Best Internet Free Apps for Traveling

When traveling the world we always bring our cell phones, as they can be used for nearly everything. They are small high powered tools that help make traveling a breeze, especially with access to the internet. But, remember, many of the places around the world do not have high speed

5 smart ways to keep your money safe while traveling

1. Divide your money Based on experience this is the best travel tip: Split your money and credit cards. keep them in two or three places, in case you get robbed or your lose or forget your bag. Having money in different places will assure you have some cash and credit card for

5 tech gadgets you need for your next trip

 1. Portable Battery Pack No matter where we go we always take two portable battery packs because we use our phones a tremendous amount throughout the day. We regularly take notes on it for future blog posts, take photos, post updates plus use it for the occasional directions. A phone battery

7 Tips on how to make travel affordable

We all love traveling and being able to explore the world, but one of the unfortunate realities of travel is its cost. Most of us do not have endless travel budgets, but that does not mean anyone should be excluded from being able to explore our beautiful earth. We have

10 simple tips to take full advantage of your travels

1. Wake up early Reason number one of why you should wake up early in the morning is that you get all the attractions for yourself. People normally sleep in and start walking around in the mid morning, if you wake up early it is all yours. Sometimes it is even safer in

5 reasons why you should Scuba dive

1. Discover a new world You discover a new world when you get underwater. You can see different species and landscapes. The first time I went scuba diving I could not believe what I had been missing. I started seeing things in a different perspective and realizing how small I am in this

Top 10 Backpacking Tips

It is important to pack only what is needed when backpacking. Whether you are backpacking in the wild or  across countries, it is the same ideas to packing. Everything you pack will have to be carried on your back and every dollar you spend will quickly add up. We want to

Top 10 Destinations for Couples

Traveling as a couple can be fun and exciting, as well as strengthening to the relationship. Take the chance to getaway to these romantic destinations, while not only exploring the world but tackling any travel related obstacles that arise together. We have compiled the Top 10 Destinations for Couples for you to whisk