Packing List for Iceland During the Summer

When packing for your summer trip to Iceland remember that summer does not always mean hot. Warm summer days in Iceland normally reach a high of just 15ºC. Beyond your normal travel clothing, there are many items that you can easily forget you will need in Iceland. If you plan on

Driving the Golden Circle in Iceland

The Golden Circle is the perfect day trip if you have a short layover in Iceland. You can see the main landmarks in less than 300 km route. The driving distance of the Golden Circle is around 3 hours but you can easily spend a whole day depending how much

Iceland Road Trip Tips and Tricks

When planning your trip to Iceland keep in mind three important factors: weather, costs and distances. Even though you could drive the whole circumference of the island in less than 2 days it will take you longer based on the  endless activities. For our summer trip to Iceland we decided to

Camping in Iceland Over the Summer

The best way to see the vast beautiful landscapes of Iceland is to immerse yourself in them. Pack your bags for the ultimate Iceland road trip and get ready for the most amazing camping of your lifetime. Camping in Iceland allows you to enjoy the best sunsets and sunrises from the