Cellphone Photography: Moment Lens Review

As traveler bloggers there is nothing more important than high quality photos. Cell phone cameras are always improving but Moment Lenses brings the quality to a whole new level. Any new photography equipment addition is a plus for travelers, especially when it takes no space or weight and make your photos

Woodroze Wooden Travel Sunglasses Review

Traveling and having adventures around the world is an amazing experience. Everyone has something different that helps them enjoy these experiences and for us, it is sunglasses. We have recently found some of the best travel sunglasses out there, Woodroze. For us, travel sunglasses our great on several levels. When trying to

Evo Aqua Black Case from TECH 21 Review

Jazmin recently upgraded to an iPhone 7.  Our concern is that she is also prone to dropping her phone. Jaz has broken at least 20 phone screens in different situations over the past few years. We decided to look for an amazing case that will protect her phone from drops and keep

Samuel Hubbard Quality Walking Shoes

For Travel To Blank our main travel tool is our feet. Walking many miles every day during our travels, we rely on getting the right shoes. When looking for high quality walking shoes, we found many companies but there was one that caught our eyes, Samuel Hubbard. Their shoes are designed in California, USA but

What to bring on your Spring time adventure + Giveaway

Let's start with what you are all waiting for, a giveaway. We have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to bring our loyal readers the opportunity to learn more about these unique wooden watches. One winner will receive a $100 e-gift code towards your own wooden watch! All other entrants will receive

Large world push pin map with classic frame Review

Traveling the world can be quite an investment of time. There is the planning, preparation and rest in between. It is too easy to get caught up in knocking more places off your bucket list and forget about the best reason to travel, the experiences. Our new Large World Push Pin Map

Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper Review

Whether we are traveling or at home, working or on vacation, everyday we use a handful of different battery powered technologies a day. When it is a warm and sunny day, it is hard to resist putting our shoes on and heading outside! The Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper makes sure that on your

Personalized Photo Quote Canvas Print Review

Choosing the right Valentine's Day gift can be hard when you realize how many options there are out there. That is why it took Jaz so long to find the perfect gift for Steven. Our favorite memory and journey we took together has been our marriage. I found 76th & Newbury, which produces custom prints