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5 Epic Activities for First Time Travel Adventurers

If are bored sitting at home on the weekend or just want to try something new, as most people who are probably are, then you might want to go for an adventure. No, this adventure will not involve dragons and trolls, but you might need to pack a suitcase before leaving home.

Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone to explore new places and experience new things, that you might never even thought of before. Furthermore, these adventures are a golden opportunity to learn, grow and improve as an individual all while increasing your social circles.

In preparation to embark on your first adventures, here are five exciting activities you could try out.

1. A Road Trip

Two words: road trip. No matter which way you look at it, road trips are a great way to get out there and explore new places. All you need is a car, a map (preferably the old school paper map), a few friends, a bit of cash and a whole lot of snacks. Stop along the way to check out new towns, zoos and museums on the road. Do not forget to create a road trip playlist for the journey.

2. Kayaking


If you are looking for something to get your heart thumping and your blood rushing, then kayaking is exactly what you are looking for. Strap on your helmet and life jacket and brace the rapids at extreme speeds.

If you are relatively new to kayaking, do not worry. The internet is a great information resource for kayaking. Pedal kayaks from freedomhawkkayaks offer a great choice for beginners and pros alike. Keep in mind that kayaking is a vigorous activity and you are most likely to get burnt out after the thrill, even if you are just kayaking on a lake.

3. Surfing

If you just got a new pair of beach shorts and cannot wait to show them off, take advantage of the ‘gnarly’ waves by hopping on a surfing board and riding the waves till they die out. Next time you are on the beach, do away with the sand castles and struggle with the rolling waves. The experience is totally worth it.

4. Hiking

Picture perfect scenery? Fresh, crisp air? Unmatched peace and tranquillity? If you are thinking yoga in the backyard, then think again. Witnessing the beautiful natural treasures create unparalleled exhilaration of hiking. Whether you are planning for the Grand Canyon or Yosemite or trudging off the beaten path at your local mountain trails or park, the most important thing is getting your feet moving and hiking the trails while enjoying the scenic view.

5. Skydiving

To get that adrenaline boost above the rest, consider jumping out a plane! There is nothing quite as thrilling as tumbling down from a thousand feet above. The mind boggling speed of the fall and the spectacular scenery will keep you coming back to skydive some more. If you get the hang of skydiving, you can even try out hang gliding if it fits your fancy.

Apart from these activities, there are so many new activities to try out when traveling, from paragliding, paintball, bungee jumping or whatever is available in your area. Remember life is too short to be sitting around watching Netflix all day. Be curious, take some risk and be free. After all, the world is yours to enjoy.

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