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Babymoons: One Last Trip Before Baby Arrives

They say when you have children, life as you know it changes. When the baby arrives, you will have to sacrifice every bit of time, energy, and resources you have to ensure their well-being. In the first few years of parenthood, this might mean limited vacations, time alone, or the means to do things they enjoy on a regular basis. While you welcome these changes with open arms, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to take advantage of the little pre-baby time you have left.

Babymoons: One Last Trip Before Baby Arrives

Babymoons are designed exactly with that purpose in mind. It is a vacation before the baby arrives where the parents can get away, relax, and enjoy themselves before they take on the responsibility of caring for a newborn. If you are thinking of planning one or want to surprise your significant other with a babymoon, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Time it Right

Will You Have A Gender Reveal Party

The most complications in pregnancy happens in the first and third trimester. This is when the mother and child are at most risk and may have restrictions such as limited mobility or no air travel. So, try to plan a babymoon at the right time. It should be after the first trimester but before you get too far into the third (between 14-28 weeks). It is highly recommended that the expectant mother be thoroughly checked and approved by her doctor for travel before planning a trip.

Will You Have A Gender Reveal Party

While babymoons are primarily for the parents-to-be, some couples decide to include others. If you know another expecting couple, perhaps you would like to make it a joint vacation with friends. Or, if you have older children, a babymoon could be a family vacation before the baby arrives. As all the attention will be on the youngest child for a while you can shower your older children with love and attention with a fun-filled trip.

Want the whole family to go on vacation with you? Maybe you are thinking of doing a baby gender reveal with the family? Gender Reveal Parties are becoming one of the best ways to celebrate with your friends and families. If so, there are all kinds of gender reveal party ideas you can host during your babymoon. The best part? Gender Reveal boy and girl surprise products are very affordable.

Make sure to check for the best Its a boy and Its a girl gender reveal products. Many gender reveal companies do a great job of organizing all of their boy and girl products or should we say pink and blue gender reveal surprises! Even a small event with cake, ice cam, and favors like and cannons would be nice. After you have made the reveal with the family, then you and your loved one can go off and enjoy the rest of your vacation alone.

Choose a Destination

So, you have been cleared to travel and you have decided who you want to go on the babymoon with you. Next up, is deciding where you will go. As you plan this trip, keep in mind that you are expecting and may have some limitations. For instance, if you have been told you cannot fly, you would want to choose a nearby destination. If you are not supposed to be on your feet a lot, then you would want to go somewhere transportation is easily accessible. If you have complications with heat or tend to get motion sickness then steering clear of tropical destinations or boats would be advised.

Plan Lots of R&R

Plan Lots of R&R

You might be used to hiking, mountain biking, surfing, running and playing with the kids, or whatever other activities you normally do on vacation, but remember to take it easy. Plan to do things that relax you and allow you to rest.

Schedule some time at a spa for massages, spend some time near the pool reading a book, go for a simple walk around a beautiful area park, or simply cuddle and watch movies in your plush hotel room. It is all about taking it easy because once that little one arrives, chances are there won’t be much rest or relaxation going on for a while.

Look for Deals

Believe it or not, babymoons are just as popular as honeymoons to the travel industry. As lots of adults like the idea of being able to get away and relax before the baby arrives many companies within the travel industry have put together packages. You can get significant discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays, spa services, and more to enjoy your time together without breaking the bank.

Raising a child is a lot of hard work and takes many sacrifices. Before embarking on the beautiful journey of parenthood (or parents of multiples), why not take the time to enjoy each other’s company? Taking a babymoon is beneficial in strengthening your relationship and is also a great way to celebrate the upcoming event of your child’s birth. Hopefully, the tips above will help you plan an ideal trip for you and/or your significant other.

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