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Loom Footwear: 100% Waterproof Shoes for Travelers

If there’s one thing you learn when traveling the world, it’s to never underestimate what you put on your feet. The shoes you choose to take you from point A to B (and to C, D, E, and F too) can make the difference between a thrilling experience and just wanting to get back to the hotel. 

That’s why it’s important to find a travel shoe that can take you anywhere (from crowded city streets to tranquil beaches), and in any climate (from the sun-soaked desert to the snow-capped mountains). Oh, and they have to be comfortable too.

That’s why we love the all-terrain, all-season shoes made by Loom Footwear. These 100% waterproof shoes are ultra-comfortable and ready for anything. Perfect for hiking, climbing, lounging, and even swimming, they are the only shoes you need no matter your destination. It helps that they look great and are totally eco-friendly too!

Here are some of the reasons we love this waterproof travel footwear.  

100% Waterproof 

From monsoon season in India to the blustery weather in Britain, you can’t let a little rain stop you from making the most of your travels. But soggy shoes and socks are certainly a way to ruin an outing.  

Loom sneakers are completely waterproof. And we don’t mean they have a waterproof coating, like other “waterproof” sneakers. Loom are 100% waterproof inside and out, making them fit for rain, snow, hiking through streams, cliff diving, and puddle jumping. You can even wear them in the shower (which we’d recommend if you’re sharing a bathroom at a hostel!).

Super Comfy

You might think your favorite pair of sneakers is comfortable, but when you’re on your feet for 10+ hours per day, you need another level of comfort only offered by all-terrain shoes like Loom. How else are you going to go hiking in the morning, sightseeing in the afternoon, and dancing at night?

Loom aren’t made with clunky foams and rubber like other shoes. They’re made with premium Merino wool, known as the highest performance fabric of the 21st century. Merino wool is so soft that it’s most often compared to cashmere. It also regulates temperature so your feet never get sweaty or chilly. 

Loom’s interior and insole are made from Merino wool, so your entire foot is hugged by velvety-soft comfort. Merino wool is also highly durable, so your insole won’t flatten and cause pain or discomfort to your arches. 

Climate Control

Loom regulates temperature from without and within. Its highly breathable Merino wool fabric keeps the shoes breathable and allows air to pass through the mesh exterior. But at the same time, the impermeable exterior keeps the elements out. 

The result is a shoe that keeps your feet at the perfect temperature no matter the climate. Your feet will feel snug and cozy in the cold and cool and sweat-free in warm weather. 

This is super important, especially if you love traveling in mountainous countries like we do. The climate can change pretty drastically in just a few miles of travel, and it’s great to know you’ll always be ready to move in comfort. 


Travel shoes can get smelly pretty fast. And when you pack them up in your back, those odors can drift to your other stuff. Gross!

Loom Footwear is immune from odors. Its Merino wool interior is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it impossible for odor-causing bacteria and mold to grow. 

As a bonus, your feet will also be protected from common travel conditions like athlete’s foot. 


We always try to pack light, and one of the hardest things to do is to figure out which shoes to bring. You want to pack shoes for lounging, hiking, flip-flops for the beach, dancing shoes, water shoes, and sneakers for the city. But of course, taking an entire closet of shoes is impossible!

Well, now you can with Loom. The great thing about Loom is that they cover the bases of all the shoes you need. They’re perfect for relaxing (you can wear them without socks!), hiking, climbing, swimming, and more. They’re also great for going out, as they are quite stylish. 

Loom are super flexible and stretchy. This makes them even more comfortable, but it also makes them easy to pack in any bag. You don’t have to worry about stuffing them in or folding them up. They’re highly durable and made to be packed!


We take buying sustainable shoes very seriously, as the footwear industry is one of the world’s worst polluters.

This is why we were so impressed by Loom. They are made with vegan materials (Merino wool is shorn from Merino sheep using vegan shearing methods), and they completely revamped the manufacturing process to put sustainability first.

Loom’s manufacturing process consumes far less water and electricity than that of other footwear, drastically reducing the carbon emissions of each pair. 

Loom also sources its materials from cruelty-free farms and small producers to support local artisans as opposed to textile mills. 

Maybe the best thing about Loom is that you can use them for so many activities in any climate. That means you can buy fewer shoes overall and live a more minimalist and sustainable life. What’s not to love?

Get Loom for 60% Off

Loom are premium footwear made from specialty artisan materials like Merino wool and knit waterproof mesh. As such, you can expect to pay a little more for them. 

But now, you can get Loom for less than the price of an average pair of sneakers. Loom is running a special on its men’s and women’s line of waterproof shoes to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means you can grab a pair for 60% off retail (and save $150 per pair). 

This is a limited offer, so don’t wait to try these excellent and eco-friendly shoes at an exclusive price. Go to now to learn more and get your pair today.

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