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Small Boat Cruises Guide: What Destinations Are Best Explored on a Charter Cruise?

Whether exploring the secluded beaches of the Mediterranean lining or voyaging the turquoise waters of Italy, charter cruises are always ideal since they are magnificently tailored to cater to each traveler’s requirements and pave the way to reach the undiscovered lands.

While planning your next vacation, you can always take a sailing ship to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Or you can choose to explore the wild and rugged adventures of the Southwest Pacific. Whatever cruising destination you choose, it’s always best to explore these places on a private cruise

We have collated our all-time favorite cruising destinations to make things easier for your upcoming vacation planning. We are sure that exploring these picturesque locations will be highly delightful for travelers. Let’s go through and explore more about it. 

Copyright: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

1. Sicily, Italy

Situated across the stretch of the Mediterranean Coast, Sicily attracts tourists for its mind-blowingly picturesque beaches. If you are a sucker for serenity and fishing, then this cruising destination is an ideal choice. Besides, you can witness history by visiting the port of Palermo and exploring some fantastic architecture and historic squares.

If your taste buds are keen on exploring some exquisite delicacies, you’ll encounter plenty of impressive cuisines within Sicily, which differ slightly from the dishes of mainland. You’ll find more of a mixed Mediterranean style, with flavors inspired by Spanish, Greek, and Arab cuisines. 

Touring Sicily lets you traverse some volcanic islands and breathtaking landscapes. You can also visit Catania and get captivating Trapani, Mount Etna, and Marsala views.

2. Anambas Islands, Indonesia

Located across the northernmost stretch of Indonesia, Anambas belongs to the beautiful Riau archipelago. While cruising in the Anambas cluster, you will encounter two beautiful lagoons – Pulau Rongkat and Pulau Bawah. The white sand beaches and the contrasting cyanic water will surely make you fall in love with the location.

Touring this destination in a smaller charter cruise will help you explore the hidden gems of the Anambas. The magnificent sandy turf of the Selat Rangsang Beach will let you spend some private and romantic time with your partner.

And if you are up for some adventure, you can always explore some shipwreck spots through snorkeling and scuba diving. Beside the wrecks, you will also encounter the ocean’s gentle giants – whale sharks, live corals, and the vessel Igara.

3. Croatia, Balkan Peninsula

Regarded as the most significant hidden gem of the Mediterranean islands, Croatia is home to more than 1000 picturesque islands. Without any doubt, this getaway cruising destination serves as a paradise for all tourists and sailors. If you’re keen on exploring historical villages and pristine beaches, you should not miss out on the Dalmatian Islands.

Exploring Croatia as a solo traveler is best during the early spring. The place remains less crowded, and you can always enjoy your privacy in seclusion. If you look forward to exploring the local culture, wine, and cuisine, you must visit West and South Istria. And lastly, if you own a yacht, you can keep them in Croatia as the tax is exempt.

Copyright: Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels

4. Greece, Balkan Peninsula

Boasting over 3000 islets and islands, Greece is undoubtedly the best destination for cruise chartering. The compilation of ancient mythology, archeology, rich culture, and stunning landscapes draws the attention of tourists and sailors. Greece’s best islands to explore include Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.

While exploring Mykonos, you will witness the busy lifestyle of Greek locals. Besides, you will also explore the epic nightlife and how the beaches remain packed. Sailing under the glorious Mediterranean sun towards Santorini will let you explore the white-washed houses. The hillside towns and sunset are bound to take your breath away.

Lastly, Crete offers travelers the opportunity to devour exceptional Greek delicacies. And the enormously magnificent archaeological sites make you go back in time and explore history.

5. Fiji, Oceania

Situated amongst the stunning islands of the Southwest Pacific, Fiji is surrounded by abundant sea life and spectacular lagoons and reefs. This island’s specific remote characteristics make it ideal for charter cruise sailors to explore this place. The tropical rainforests, fantastic deep blue beaches, underwater adventures, and coconut plantations make this place stand out.

If you think that the language barrier will become a troubling issue for communication, then you are wrong. All locals and travelers widely speak the English language across the island. If you wish to explore the ideal sea life with coral reefs and palm trees, Macanua Islands is a must-visit.

Lastly, Yasawa Islands lets you witness the otherwise traditional lifestyle of the Fiji locals. This picturesque destination offers you to experience crystal clear lagoons with an entirely laid-back lifestyle.

Choose Your Favorite Destination!

Missing out on these luxurious cruising destinations is an ultimate loss. So, while you plan for your next vacation with your friends and family, make sure you choose charter cruising. Until then, happy exploring!

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