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Software you need if you are working on the road

If you are trying to manage a business whilst you travel or carrying out freelance work from abroad then you might find yourself struggling to manage certain aspects. But we are coming to the rescue with our top picks for various pieces of software that you can sign up for today to make your professional life much easier.


Your accounts include invoicing clients, paying wages, filing tax returns, monitoring expenses and many more – there are constantly transactions going back and forth through your business and every one of them needs to be accurately recorded. Wave is a popular small business accounting tool but our pick is FreshBooks as the best option for managing your finances, it has all the services you might need and can facilitate any future growth without having to upgrade to a different service. Check out freshbooks vs wave to see exactly why it has come out on top.

Customer Relationship Management

Software like Zoho can help you with your customer relationships and provide valuable insights into what you need to work on and what is being received positively. Analyse and track all the different interactions you have with your clients so you can get a good picture of these relationships and nurture them – positive customer relationships are vital for the survival of your company and customer loyalty is not something you should take for granted. Enhancing your existing relationships and tracking interactions with potential leads will help boost your sales and improve your customer retention.

Project Management

Project management software can be invaluable to the smooth running of your company whilst you are working on the road. You will need to be extra organised and on top of things to make up for the fact that you will often be on the move and possibly unreachable at times. Project management can help you do this by breaking down big projects into smaller tasks, facilitating collaboration with others, tracking progress and monitoring where your resources are being expended. You can even link it up with your accounting software which will help when invoicing clients for your time.


Marketing is another huge element that needs to be nurtured in order to ensure company growth and is instrumental in acquiring new customers. You will need to have positive customer relationships, high-quality service and good communication but these tasks are predominantly for customer retention and building your reputation. However, you also need to draw in new customers and raise your brand awareness amongst your potential client base. 

More traditional marketing like email marketing remains a popular choice for companies but more and more businesses are utilising social media for both their marketing efforts and as a channel for communicating with customers. Apps like HubSpot offers a choice between a basic sale-orientated or a full-fledged marketing software service to help take your marketing completely off your hands. Check out the website to browse their various packages and see which one is right for you and your company.

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