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The Best Tips for Traveling with a Pet On the Internet

Getting ready to travel with your pet and looking for the best tips? There is lots of information online, and it can be overwhelming, so we have put together the best tips for traveling with a pet on the internet. Traveling with your pet is fun, it just takes a little extra preparation and planning.  Many pet owners feel stressed and sad when they have to leave their pet when going on a trip, instead of boarding your pet or leaving them with a pet sitter, try taking them with you.


Walking Dog Light Up Leash

Before embarking on a long car or plane ride, it is essential to give your pet plenty of exercise and attention. Whether your pet will be in a crate/carrier or sitting in your lap (emotional support animals can sit on their owner’s lap during flights) they will be more restricted than usual, unable to get up and walk around. Pets are less stressed and anxious when they are tired from exercising.

First Time Roadtripping? Take a Few Test Drives

The first road trip can be scary for pets that do take many car rides. Cars sometimes make loud noises and sudden movements. Before starting your road trip, take your pet on a few test drives so they can feel more comfortable in the car. Always make sure they are properly secured, either in a carrier or with a pet seatbelt.

Try CBD Infused Treats

Travel can be stressful, for both people and pets. CBD infused treats is a natural way to relieve your pet’s stress and anxiety without having to use pet-prescribed tranquilizers that can cause breathing problems during air travel. CBD is safe and easy to administer in a treat form.

Pack a Pet Travel Kit: What to Include

  • Food
  • Travel Bowls
  • ESA Letter
  • Vaccination Record
  • Vet Information
  • Poo Bags
  • First Aid Kit
  • Any Medications
  • Favorite Toys/Blanket
  • Pet bed

Have Pet Identification

When traveling, always make sure your pet has up-to-date identification on its collar. Vets and shelters recommend microchipping for cats and dogs, in case they escape and get out of their collars. Even the most well-behaved pets can become spooked when traveling due to new surroundings and loud noises and could run away and get lost.  Microchipping is an easy way to make sure they always have identification on them.

Check Your Airline

Each airline has different rules and policies regarding how to travel with pets. Airlines are becoming more restricted as to what animals they allow to fly in the air cabin even if they are considered an emotional support animal. Check with your airline before traveling to make sure you have the correct paperwork (do not forget your ESA letter) and airline-approved carriers.

Emotional Support Dog on plane

Traveling with your pet is a lot of fun, and it is important to prepare beforehand to minimize stress and anxiety for your pet and yourself. It is always a good idea to exercise your pet before traveling and to have a pet travel kit. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared! Many pets enjoy road trips and even plane rides. When flying on a plane, makes sure to check with the airlines latest policies to make sure you have the right paperwork and carriers beforehand.

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