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The Complete Guide to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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In this guide you will find everything you need to know for planning a birthday party for your dog. Even if you do not know your furry friend’s real birthday, you can still celebrate the adoption date. We got Gordo when he was about 2 months old so we estimate his birthday date is January 18th, 2009 while we do know Floyd exact birthday as he is Gordo’s son.

Gordo cannot be more excited about his birthday cake!T

The first thing you need to figure out when planning a dog birthday party is the location, how many people and dogs you are going to invite, the theme and of course the dog treats and people treats too! In this guide we cover all the information you need to choose the right mix of party details to ensure your two-legged and four-legged friends have an amazing time!

How to choose the right location?

The location depends on how many people and dogs you are thinking about inviting. If you are inviting many dogs then you should plan an outdoors party. We normally celebrate Gordo’s and Floyd’s birthday at home but in reality you should ask yourself the following questions to choose the right location:

  • Do you have enough space?
  • How many dogs are coming?
  • Would they get along?
  • What will the be the weather?
  • Are they big or small dogs?

If your home is not ideal for many dogs you can throw your dog’s birthday party at a local park, dog beach, or a doggy daycare.

Who should I invite to my dog’s birthday party?

For us is very easy, just invite humans! Gordo loves to play with other dogs but Floyd does not get along so well with other dogs. We only invite humans to their birthday bash, meaning more toys and less treats to share. It is a win-win situation for them!

But if your dog is friendly and likes to play with other dogs, a birthday party is a great opportunity to have other dogs come over and enjoy a play date. Make sure you invite dogs that your pup has already met before and that get along with each other!

How do I choose the theme or the decorations?

Choosing for a theme is my favorite thing about planning for my dog’s birthday party. We choose themes that we think that fits the most with our dog’s personality. You can honestly choose any theme YOU like, the dogs will be more concerned about eating all the treats and toys you got for them.

The most important thing about choosing a theme is to not worry and to do what is more fun and manageable for you. We normally go crazy at a dollar store and buy the party decorations there.

No dog birthday is complete without a birthday cake! Make your dog’s birthday even more special with a It’s Your BarkDay‘s themed dog birthday party package. The box comes with a dog cake, party decoration, table cloth, themed plates, themed napkins, invitations, and take home goody bags. 

We always send tangible invitations to our friends but you can also send e-vites to your friends. On the invitations make sure to say if dogs are invited to the party or if it is only humans that are invited.

How to choose the best food for your dog’s birthday party?

Planning a food menu for dogs might not be as easy as planning a human menu but it is more fun! We recommend having a variety of options, but you must have a birthday cake dogs can eat.

When it comes to cake for dogs, you have plenty of options. One of them is It’sYourBarkDay, every It’s Your BarkDay cake is made with the finest ingredients. All the cakes are wheat, corn and gluten free and they only use local and fresh ingredients from the United States. What I love the most is that they do not use any preservatives, so it’s only the best for my dogs.

It’s Your BarkDay is the perfect gift for your furry best friend to celebrate its birthday or for any dog lover who has a beautiful dog! I love big celebrations for Gordo and Floyd’s birthday. I buy several cookies, dog ice cream and cakes and of course tons of toys. I mean, they make our life better every day so why not celebrate the birthday with a big bash! 

List of food you must have in your dog’s birthday bash:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Treats and Chews
  • Carrots, apples blueberries, roasted sweet potato slices, and cucumbers.
  • Peanut Butter dog cookies

What is inside the It’s Your BarkDay box?

Every It’s Your BarkDay box contains a thoughtfully designed toy and a delicious organic 100% dog friendly birth cake, which Gordo gave his approval to by eating it in just one bite!

What activities should you plan to make your dog’s birthday party rock?

  • Have a fetch tournament: Have multiple balls or frisbees on hand to start the tournament. Whoever can bring back the most balls in a set time frame wins a prize.
  • Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth for people and their dogs. All you need is a simple backdrop, some glasses, hats, and signs. To save yourself some money check out the Dollar Tree were you will find anything you need to make a cool photo booth.

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