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Travel gear guide: Packing Checklist for a flight

Travel gear guide: Packing Checklist for a flight

As a frequent travelers we have a packing checklist for every flight to reduce the risk of leaving anything important behind. This guides covers all the essentials that we feel are important for alls type of traveler from business to luxury travelers to backpackers. 
Making sure to pack everything for your trip you need to remember from electronics, to beauty products, to camera gear. It does not matter what the destination is, as long as we bring our essentials checklist with us! 
The most important lesson we have learned after so many years of traveling is that going cheap can end up be expensive. It is best to invest on high quality products that might cost more upfront but last longer, rather than replacing worn-out gear all the time. The worst thing is when your travel gear when you are already abroad or in the plane. 
We are sharing our travel checklist as travel bloggers. Keep in mind that we always travel with our cameras, stabilizer and computers. It is up to you to determine what you need on your vacation, so use this packing guide as inspiration to create your own checklist. It is good to print out a copy of the checklist to make sure to not leave anything behind at the hotel, airport or plane.


Several items on our packing list are from Sondre Travel. Save 15% off your first order on Sondre Travel with our coupon code TRAVELTOBLANK at checkout.

Travel Gear Essentials 

If you are traveling for business or just enjoying a long vacation, these items will make your flight and travel adventures more comfortable.
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Sondre Multipurpose Carry on

We love traveling with our Sondre backpack as its water resistant protects our stuff in any weather. It also easily switch from a backpack to a duffel bag. It has the perfect compartments for your shoes, clean and dirty clothes, water bottle, travel pillow, carry on and travel essentials. The duffel bag also has a fleece lined laptop and table sleeve to keep your laptop safe during your travels. Save 15% off your first order on Sondre Travel with our coupon code TRAVELTOBLANK at checkout.

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Luggage or Backpack

I love my Samsonite luggage as it is scratch resistant and lightweight. Having four spinner wheels is a plus when you have to drag your luggage around the airport and in your next destination.

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Mon Purse is a high end purse that can be customized to your taste, all at a fair price. It is perfect to travel with a unique style and no concern about accidentally having the same bag as your friends in photos.

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Retractable Lock

After getting robbed in our hostel room in Stockholm we learned to always travel with a lock. It is important to keep your valuables safe by locking your bags or lockers at hostels, hotels and airports.

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There is no better way to fall asleep in the plane and get a quiet night’s sleep on your flight. 

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Multi-Purpose Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

For a comfortable flight and a good night’s sleep. We love that you can wear this travel pillow in so many different ways, depending on how you want to sleep. It is super comfortable with a minimal size impact. Save 15% off your first order on Sondre Travel with our coupon code TRAVELTOBLANK at checkout.

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Water Bottle

No more buying overpriced water at the airport! It is super important to keep yourself hydrated while traveling and having a water bottle with you at all times makes it easy.  

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Makeup bag

Keep your makeup organized in one bag as these small items can easily get lost if they tumble around on their own.

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Travel Organizer

The travel organizer is perfect to keep your valuables, small items and cords organized in one place. Nothing is worse than having to empty your entire luggage to find a cell phone charger. Save 15% off your first order on Sondre Travel with our coupon code TRAVELTOBLANK at checkout.

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Toiletry Dropp Kit

For keeping your toiletries organized with its dual compartments the Voyage Dropp kit. It is great to protect the rest of your bag from any accidental spills as it is water resistant. Save 15% off your first order on Sondre Travel with our coupon code TRAVELTOBLANK at checkout.

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Baby wipes

Baby wipes are a great way to keep you clean and fresh on long flights or in the middle of the day exploring a city.

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Hair Brush

Long flights, ample bus rides and plenty of puffy hotel pillows will leave you with messy hair on your travels. Pack along a hair brush to keep it under control and looking good in all your photos.

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Travel size Deodorant

You would be surprised how refreshing deodorant is after a long flight. Go for extra strength to keep smelling nice through a long day of tourism.

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Pack either a foldable toothbrush or a toothbrush cover to keep it clean in your bag.

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Travel size toothpaste

Avoid any snafus at airport security with travel friendly sized toothpaste.

Electronic Gear 

Once again, we pack a wide range of electronic gear because we are always creating new content. If you do pack the following electronics make sure to just take what you will actually use on your trip. The worst thing is to be carrying unnecessary weight. 
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13″ Macbook Pro with charger 

Now days many of us have to travel with our computer to keep up with work, friends or just do some research and planning. 

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Foldable Headphones

Easy to fold and takes no space, foldable headphones are perfect for watching movies and listening to music while traveling, especially on a long flight. 

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Unlocked iPhone 8 Plus 64GB or Other Phone

An unlocked cellphone lets you to switch to a local SIM card in every new country.

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iPhone Charger

An extra-long charger for your phone lets you take advantage of a wall outlet in any corner.

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Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone Case

Keep your phone safe from scratches, drops, dust and water .

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USB Wall Charger Travel Kit

There is no reason to carry multiple wall chargers when you can charge multiple USB devices at once.

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Universal Charger

Make sure that you charge your devices no matter where in the world the adventures take you.

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Portable Charger Power bank

Never run out of battery again while exploring the city. A power bank is perfect for charing your phone and devices on the go.

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Outlet Power Strip

It is the perfect solution for charging multiples devices either in the airport or hotel.

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2TB Portable External Drive

We travel without an external hard drive to back up all our photos and videos while traveling.

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WiFi Hotspot

Never worry about asking for a WiFi password again, with a WiFi Hotspot you can get WiFi anywhere in the world with regular cellphone reception.

Photography Gear

No matter where we travel we are always creating new content; articles, photos and videos. We have to carry along our travel photography gear and thought it would be good to include it on this packing guide. It might be too much for you, but it is still good to see what we normally use on any new adventure around the world.
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Canon 5D

Our main camera is a Canon 5D Mark III. We take it on every trip and even around town. It is a little bit heavy but it takes beautiful videos and photos.

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Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L IS USM Lens

This is a great everyday that covers a range of shooting throughout the day.

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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This is a perfect for portrait photography. 

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Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6

Having a telephoto lens is perfect for wildlife photography.

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Zhiyun Crane 2 Stabilizer 

We love our Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer to keep our travel videos smooth and shake free.

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Canon D5 Battery

Extra camera batteries make sure you can take photos during a long day of adventures out and about in a new destination.

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Lens Polarizer

Polarized lens covers for your camera easily increase color saturation and reduce reflections from the sun and other light sources.

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Manfrotto Compact Tripod

Manfrotto makes the perfect tripod for traveling as it is a compact and lightweight way to get your whole crew in all your photos. 

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SD Cards

It is always good to travel with extra SD Cards for your camera to hold all your amazing travel photograhy.
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Camera Case

It is important to have a camera case to your camera for the times you are not taking photos while you are traveling. Choose a camera case that can withstand heavy travels and allows you to easily access the camera. 

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Camera Strap

Make your camera look even more pretty, while keeping it securely around your neck. Even if you do not upgrade to a colorful and fun design, still use the generic strap that comes with your camera.

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