Woof Woof, Welcome to our online business!

We are Gordo and Floyd, the father and son dynamic duo of chocolate labs, ready to take over the world! Their cute faces and endless funny photo poses inspired their parents to start the Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits at Travel To Woof. While you might want to see more of our beautiful snouts on your screen, we are looking forward to creating a beautiful, characterful, simplistic portrait of your furry (or not so furry) friend to hang on your wall or gift your jealous friends.

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Gordo, Chief of the House, Town Elder.

Gordo Is head of the house with his many years of experience guarding the house and sniffing the world. His favorite activities include sleeping in the sun and taking a nap in every corner throughout the day. When he was 8 years old Gordo was diagnosed with advanced arthritis and hip dyspepsia, and at one point was almost unable to stand. Through therapy, hard work, committed parents, and plenty of treats Gordo now lives a comfortable life of slow walks and countless photo shoots.


Floyd, Resident runner, In-house Security officer

Floyd, heir to the throne, is Gordo’s son and acting ruler of the home. Floyd enjoys a day full of long walks followed by even longer walks. When he is not busy getting some exercise there is ample time for eating treats and sneaking snacks from his humans. Watch out any potential intruders, or neighborhood squirrels, as Floyd keeps a watchful eye over the house from any potential intruders so the rest of the family can work, if he lets them stop petting him.

Steven & Jazmin

Steven and Jazmin, Human overloads, Treat providers

Steven and Jazmin are our amazing humans who provide us with endless love, delicious food, and spent grain treats from their homebrew beer making. We could not ask for better humans who have taken us on trips across the United States to let us sniff, scratch, mark, hike and eat in many destinations. Since we are so photogenic our parents phones are full of fun and majestic photos of us that could cover every wall. Our beautiful faces inspired them to sell custom pet portraits for you and your human owners. Welcome to our community!

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