How to see Grand Cayman in one day


We tried to come up with some words to convince you to visit the Cayman Islands, but we think the pictures speak for themselves. Anyone who likes unique nature, diving or just relaxing on the beach will fall in love with the main island Grand Cayman and its transparent waters.

While it sounds like the best place to move to and spend the rest of our life, the rest of us only have the chance to visit. Since it is a relatively small island, you can explore the main parts of the island in one day, with plenty of time to relax on the sandy beaches.

Grand Cayman Tourist Map

Top attractions in Grand Cayman

Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is the first thing that came to my mind when I arrived in the Cayman Islands. I did not yet have my diving permit, so I did a discovery course with Lobster Pot Dive Center. It was amazing experience and I felt totally safe for my first time under water.

George Town Tour


Since this is just a one day guide to the island, it would be impossible to walk the city and have enough time to enjoy the activities, so we recommend hiring a city bus tour of George Town and just enjoy the ride. While touring the city make sure to try the local Tortuga Rum Cake, really delicious with many flavors to try.

Dolphin Cove


The tour bus also makes a stop in Dolphin Cove, where you can swim with dolphins. It is great to get up close and personal with the animals, even though it is a little pricy. If you do want to swim with the dolphins, you can reserve your spot online to avoid long lines.

Crystal Caves

Another amazing attraction is Cayman’s Crystal Caves, which were recently opened to the public. Be sure to look up the times before you go, as it is a long ride to the East end of the island. The Crystal Caves are natural massive limestone caves that are filled with dripping crystallized stalactites, stalagmites, natural lakes, bats and local trees which, grow right through some of the caves. They are truly beautiful!

Stingray City


Stingray City, also known as “the Sandbar,” is the most famous attraction of the Cayman Islands. This unique attraction is perhaps the only place in the world that you can swim, touch and feed massive Southern stingrays. They are gentle creatures of the sea that want nothing more than some squid from the visiting tourist.

Sunday Brunch


Prepare to eat and drink for several hours, as Sunday brunch a must in the Cayman Islands. Luca at the Caribbean Club, the Marriott, Agua and Blue Cilantro all boast impressive brunch options such as bottomless mimosas and all you can eat buffets with gourmet international food. Afterwards, all the locals go to Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach for drinks long into the night.

4 thoughts on “How to see Grand Cayman in one day

  1. I was visiting Grand Cayman at the beginning of this year. We arrived there by sailing boat, well, our boat got damaged in several storms, so people from Grand Cayman were the one who saved us, and towed us to the island.

    Anyways, it’s one interesting and picturesque place, with its beautiful people, and vibe. The day we got there, was a National Heroes Day. We couldn’t choose the better arrival day. It was an awesome cultural experience for sure.

    Overall, Grand Cayman is a nice place where to chill and relax. :)

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