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About us

Welcome to Travel To Blank!

Hello we are Jazmín and Steven the globetrotting couple behind Travel To Blank. We love traveling the world and exploring all the unique destinations and wonderful cultures. We met at the University of Colorado Boulder and have not stopped traveling since. After Steven graduated we embarked on a two month road trip around the US. We visited 37 states and 12 National Parks, ending the trip with our wedding vows.

Jaz’s family always asked for our travel advice, so we decided why not share it to the world and start a travel blog! We love traveling so much that sometimes we just hop in the car and figure out the destination on the drive out of town. That is when the idea of Travel To Blank came from. We love traveling to ____.

How we travel?

For us it is not about if you are on a luxury or shoestring budget, or if you are traveling with your family, as a couple, or alone. We strongly believe in sustainable tourism with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, no matter how you travel. We focus on travel guides, highlighting hidden gems to promote sustainability, and include off the beaten path stops that highlight diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We love finding a balance of the best prices for maximum comfort and safety. We normally stay in 3-4 star hotels depending on where we are visiting and the desired experience. Most importantly, we go with the flow as even the most planned out trip can face hiccups and nothing is better than a stress free vacation.

What would you find in this blog?

At Travel To Blank we are here to help you navigate through the endless lists of things to do and visit in your dream destination. We create walking guides with maps that can be download to your phone to help you explore a new place. You will also find in depth hotel and travel product reviews that we encourage others to experience as well. You will find our best tips in everything related to travel including photography tips, how to save money while traveling, travel blogging guides, and more.

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Jazmin Harb

[email protected]

Jazmin was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a dual degree in Marketing and Human Resources and a certificate in Digital Media. She received a Masters in Visual and Digital Media at IE University in Madrid, Spain.

Her favorite part of traveling is actually the planning, making sure we can take advantage of every second, through long layovers or spur of the moment day trips. She works to promote and inspire diversity in travel to make it more accessible to people of all cultures. 

Steven Kreimendahl

[email protected]

Steven is native to Boston, MA. He has traveled extensively around the United States, hitting all 50 states before he was 23. He holds degrees in Jewish Studies and Journalism-News/Editorial from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Masters in Visual and Digital Media at IE University in Madrid, Spain.

Steven has many passions that has lead to his love for all things travel; hiking, history and red eye flights. His favorite way to get to know a new city or culture is over a local beer.

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