18km walking guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the largest cities in Latin America. Jazmin had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city in 2014 with her mother to visit her cousin. With her insider experience, we have created the best Buenos Aires travel guide possible.

We arrived to the airport at midnight. My mom and I hired a cab to my cousin’s apartment in downtown Buenos Aires for 200 Argentinan pesos. Keep it mind it was about 2 years ago, and since then the strict currency controls have been removed, plunging the peso to half its value at the time.

Buenos Aires Walking Map

Top attractions in Buenos Aires

Palermo neighborhood

The Palermo neighborhood includes several touristic destinations and most of the best museums in the city. The zoological gardens and Museum of Latin American Art are two examples of them. You can find many restaurants, shopping malls, and of course a great night life. The Plaza de Mayo square is located in this neighborhood.

La Recoleta Cemetery

Teatro Colón


If you like the arts you must go to Teatro Colon. The Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world.

Even if you are not interested in the opera, the architecture and facade of the building is breathtaking during both the day and night.

Plaza de La República

The Plaza de La República is one of the most iconic squares in Buenos Aires. It is home to many bustling shopping outlets, restaurants, cafe, bars and clubs.

The plaza is also known for the many purposes it has served in the past as a gathering place for political demonstrations, World Cup gathering when the national team is playing, celebrations and uprising in the past.

It is also the plaza that host the iconic obelisk in its center.

Obelisco de Buenos Aires

obelisco buenos aires

The obelisk, one of the most iconic landmarks in Buenos Aires, is located in the República Square between two of the largest and widest streets in the world: Av. 9 de Julio and Av. Corrientes. It is also close to Puerto Madero.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires has an important historical structure and cultural significance. Located in downtown Buenos Aires, the massive building has been rebuilt multiple times, giving it a wide variety of architectural styles. The Cathedral overlooks the Plaza de Mayo.

Plaza de Mayo

Some of the most iconic and important buildings are located in this square. Some of the buildings are: Casa Rosada, The Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Cabildo. You will also see a variety of restaurants, tango parlors, bars and of course shops.

Casa Rosada


Casa Rosada is the presidential house. It offers a free tour of the building, not all of it but you get a glimpse of it. We recommend to visit one of the most iconic, historical and aesthetically pleasing buildings in the city.

Puerto Madero


Puerto Madero is a waterfront neighborhood around the shoreline of the “Río de la Plata” with a lot high end restaurants.

One street to make sure to walk down is Av. Florida- Florida Street, an elegant shopping street in Downtown Buenos Aires. It has been a pedestrian street since 1971, with some stretches have been pedestrianized since 1913.

If you are interested in seeing a great tango show, check out the one at the hotel Faena, which is very particular, it is worth going.

For those who love art, there is this private collection museum called Fortabat. It is a bit pricy, but it is still strongly recommended.

 La Bombonera

The Bombonera, the Boca Junior stadium, is only several minutes away from Caminito . You can get a tour starting at $60.00. If you love soccer, I will strongly recommend you to give the stadium a visit.

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