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5 most wallet friendly destinations in the US for the 2024

We were planning to travel around the US while Jazmin receives her green card. Our main concern was how much we could spend. There are so many great places to visit around the country, but when you think of the main cities, the cost of visiting can end up skyrocketing. Food, accommodations and entertainment add up quickly, but do not need to break the bank.

We have selected our favorite wallet friendly destination cities in the US. They are all beautiful and diverse cities with enough to explore for at least several days. They might not be the most famous cities in the world, but they should be at the top of your travel list.

1. Atlanta


Atlanta is such a beautiful city with the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, the CNN Center and our favorite attraction, the World of Coca Cola. It also has other activities you can enjoy with your family including the children’s museum and Six Flags amusement park. It is an economical destination when thinking about room and board. It also helps with the budget when the majority of its attractions are located around the Centennial Olympic Park.

2. Denver


We love Denver, not only because we went to school nearby, but because it is such a fun city. Our recommendation would be to take a bus to Boulder for a day trip and hike the Flatirons. Denver has a beautiful downtown area with a lot of fun activities and bars. A lot of the activities in Denver and surrounding areas are outdoor activities, making it easy and cheap to enjoy. That is of course unless you drop all your money on climbing or skiing gear.

3. Las Vegas


Everyone thinks Las Vegas is super expensive but if you do it correctly it can be super cheap and heaps of fun. The key is sleeping anywhere besides the strip, as long as it is 1/4 of a mile in any direction away from the stip, room prices tumble and the walk is not bad at all if you go in the morning or evening. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, try to find a promoter, who will get you into a club for free, in hopes that you will buy a table the next night. Have a few drinks before and enjoy the night!

Make sure you check up if there will be a major conference or convention in town when you you plan your trip. They can drive the cost of everything from sleeping to nightlife.

4. Washington, D.C.


We recommend visiting Washington D.C. because it has an endless supply of free museums and a beautiful zoo. As the capital, it is such a unique city with a lot of glamour and beauty. Our favorite thing to do in D.C. is walking around the city and exploring all the green areas it has to offer.

5. Fort Lauderdale


If you love the beach, Fort Lauderdale is the place for you. It is not as crowded as Miami Beach actually making it a little bit nicer. Hotels are not that expensive and let’s face it, the beach is free. Going to the Everglades is an extraordinary experience and also budget friendly. The only thing with Florida is that either you need a car or you have to rely on a mediocre bus schedule.

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