4 great day trips from Venice, Italy

When visiting Venice, Italy you can use it as a hub to visit many of the other beautiful destinations in the area. We recommend to stay several extra days in Venice to visit the islands around Venice and other nearby cities.

Each spot is close enough to visit just for the day so you do not need to worry about carrying around all your luggage. You can easily get to each destinations by boat, bus or train.



Murano is known for its hand made glass. Murano has so much to offer we recommend spending a full day, just make sure to get there early as most of the glass factories close in the early afternoon. We also encourage you to explore the island by getting lost in its back streets full of color and art.

Simply hop on one of the several Vaporetto (boat bus) lines to Murano from Venice.

Top places to visit in Murano:

1. The Glass factory: It is the first place you must visit, where you can see the glass making demonstration.

2. The Glass Museum: Showcases Venetian glass techniques over centuries and displays different type of glass work. The price for the museum is 10 euros.

3. The Basilica of Saint Mary and Saint Donatus

4. The abstract blue glass sculpture: It is located in the middle of the Campo Santo Stefano and is one of the most visited spots in the island.



Burano is known for its lace making and is only a 40 minute boat ride from Venice. It is definitely worth visiting Burano because of its picture perfect colorful houses. We recommend to spend at least five hours to take pictures, enjoying your time there and wander through the small island.

If you do not have enough time you can see all of Burano in just one hour. It is a small island but it is so cute that you should not rush through. We recommend to walk around, get a cup of wine and enjoy the Italian lifestyle.



Verona is about an hour train ride from Venice. It is the city of love, home of Romeo and Juliet. When we arrived to Verona we were speechless. It is such a small but charming town. Our top five recommendations are the Arena di Verona, Casa di Giulietta, the castelvecchio, the Roman theater and its gorgeous view of the city. One day is enough to visit, but you can also turn it into an overnight getaway.



Florence is just a two hour train ride from Venice and makes for a perfect day trip if you do not have enough time to plan a separate trip. Relive the Renaissance by exploring the endless masterpieces of art and architecture. Make sure not to miss The Duomo or Michelangelo’s “David.”

8 thoughts on “4 great day trips from Venice, Italy

  1. Great places to visit! The Burano and Murano islands are just gorgeous and a must see when you are in Venice. I never went to Verona but it looks like an incredible destination. Visited Florence one day this summer and I can’t wait to spend more time there.

  2. I visited Venice almost 15 years ago and until right now, I always remembered the colourful houses of Burano and the glass making of Murano being the same place! In fact, I’ve heard my mother speak many times of her Burano necklace ^^ Funny how memory works!

  3. Great post and inspiration for some excursions from Venice. I have been to Venice several times and did a train ride up to Stresa once, it was lovely. Need to make it to Florence and Verona for sure. Nice post.

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