Avoid Wearing These 4 Things While Going Through Airport Security

The worst part about traveling is going through security and nearly having to undress. There are four simple articles of clothing that should never be worn to the airport. Avoiding these items will help you get through security faster and more comfortably.

1. Boots


Some airports will only make you remove your shoes if they are boots, as they might have metal tips or thick soles. We always try to travel wearing crocs or flip flops, which are super easy to remove and at some airports we can keep them on.

If it is snowing at your departure or arrival airport bring along a plastic bag to carry your boots in through security and the flight. Your feet will thank you!

2. Belts


If you are planning on traveling we suggest to wear jeans or pants that do not need a belt. At almost any airport you will have to remove it for screening, so it is better to just not wear it in the first place. What Steven does is he keeps his belt in his carry on until we are done with security and make it to the gate before putting it on. This will save time and bother.

3. Coats or Jackets


Every airport will ask you to remove your jackets to go through security. Since it can get chilly on the plane, we recommend to take a light jacket and keep it in the carry on until you are done with security. If you need to wear a jacket, remove it in line before you get to the x-ray machine.

4. Large Jewelry


We recommend to not take a lot of jewelry with you through the airport. Not only easy to lose when you have to take it remove it at security, but it can also become uncomfortable during a long flight. Jaz normally takes a pair of earrings for the trip, which she wears after we arrive to our destination. If you do wear jewelry, keep it small to avoid having to remove it through security.

Insider tip: If you plan on wearing your wedding/engagement rings on your trip, get a fake one you can take with you to places of unknown safety, to prevent theft or minimize loss.

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