Boutique experience in Cusco: El Balcón Hotel

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu can get overwhelming. You can hike, take a train or even trek for several days, making it easier to forget that you need to stay several days in Cusco to acclimate. In preparation for several days of hiking or after the hike it is important to stay in a more comfortable accommodation allowing your body to properly rest or recover. We chose to stay at El Balcón Hotel Cusco, a small oasis just a few blocks from the main square, Plaza de las Armas.


The hotel is located just a seven minute walk from the main attractions in downtown Cusco. It is close to San Cristobal Church, the main square and the central market. From our bedroom window, we could even see the top of the church!



Our favorite thing about El Balcón is its beautiful garden and the peaceful atmosphere. You can recover from your hikes or acclimate yourself by taking a seat in the beautiful garden and enjoying the nature around you. 

The buildings themselves have a cute rustic look with plenty of nice exposed wood. There is even a working fireplace in the lobby and restaurant to keep nice and toasty on a chilly evening. Most importantly for acclimation, there is drinking water available in the lobby and your room.


If you need any help planning your trip around Cusco or any other neighboring cities or attractions, the staff are always present and ready to give a suggestion.



The first thing we noticed when entering our room is how much care they put into every aspect of the room. The small desk has fresh flowers and two bottles of drinking water, replaced daily.

The comfortable beds had plenty of warm blankets, for a chilly evening. The bathroom included a set a bathrobes, so fluffy, you might just not want to leave your room all day. The room had everything we needed, only further showing how much the staff and hotel care about and listen to their customers.

We had a room with two twin beds, as we made the reservation only several days in advance. However the beds were large enough for us both to fit. So make sure to plan ahead to get your room of choice, but remember, every room is amazing and unique.



We love that the hotel offers you free tea all day long. You can choose from Lemongrass, Black tea, Chamomile and of course Coca leaf tea, which will helps you avoid altitude sickness.

The hotel itself is a quiet oasis in the center of the bustling city. The relaxed feel is perfect for those looking to mentally prepare for upcoming hikes at the high altitude or for some nice down time after days of hiking. We hardly saw the other guests, making it feel like our own private home.


They have a wood cabin which serves as restaurant/lounge. Breakfast is included in the price of the room, with delicious eggs cooked to order, along with toast and fresh fruits. The lounge is open at all times and is perfect for travel bloggers or business people who need some space to work with a good internet connection.


If you are planning on hiking Machu Picchu, the Inka Trail, Rainbow mountain or any others in the area, there is no better place to stay in Cusco than El Balcon. Take the time to treat yourself to a comfortable bed, fantastic atmosphere and the fluffiest bathrobe! Your lungs and legs will thank you, as will your travel partner.




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