Budget Accommodations in Munich, Germany: Euro Youth Hotel


There are so many reasons to visit Munich, from its beautiful historic center to its world famous Oktoberfest. You cannot have a great time traveling without a great place to sleep!

The Euro Youth Hotel is a comfortable and social hostel located just a block from the Munich central train station and a 15 minute walk to Marienplatz, the center of the historic city.

The hostel building is one of the 5% in the area that survived WWII, dating back to the 19th century. Do not fear the building is outdated, as the hostel opened up in 1998 after significant renovations. We had a fantastic stay at the Euro Youth Hotel during our stay and highly recommend it for your Bavarian adventure.



We stayed in the shared 3-bed dorm.  The room has one bunk bed, a single bed and a small table with chairs. The sturdy wooden frame beds have the most comfortable mattresses we have ever slept on in a hostel.

Each bed has its own reading light, nightstand and power socket. There is no reason to have to fight to charge your phone across the room, like we have experienced in other hostels.

The room comes with lockers, a sink and the beds already made. It is important to note that the spacious lockers do require your own lock, so do not forget to bring one from home!

For our reservation we had shared bathroom and showers in the hallway. They are kept spotless and at no time did we have to wait to use the facilities. Just make sure to bring your room key with you so you do not get locked out.

There are also many other options for rooms, including both private rooms with ensuite bathrooms to 12-bed dorms. It all depends on the price range at atmosphere you are looking for. They really do blur the lines between hostel prices with hotel accommodations.



If you ever have any questions about places to visit or things to do, the front desk staff are always happy to help and quite knowledgeable. As we left each morning, they made sure we knew about any events happening that day either within the city or the hostel itself.

The other guests are a good mix of young travelers or business professionals. Whether you are looking for a quiet and comfortable stay in Munich or want to head out on the town with a group of new friends, this is the place to be.



In the morning they have an all you can eat breakfast buffet. They have fresh bread, cheese and meat slices, veggies and scrambled eggs. There is also cereals with yogurt and fresh fruits. If you need a little boost to help wake you up in the morning there is always tea or coffee.

Steven’s favorite part had to be the endless supply of delicious homemade Bavarian pretzels. It is hard to have just one!

Breakfast costs €4.90/person and can be purchased in advance or at the reception desk when you wake up in the morning. The best part is breakfast is available from 7AM to 11AM, so there is no rush to get up after a late night out in Munich.



The same space as the breakfast buffet turns into a bar in the afternoon. There is no better way to relax after a day of touring or to socialize with fellow travelers than doing so over a beer.

The Euro Youth Hotel Bar features a daily happy hour, with fun events and games happening almost every evening, including live music. Even on a Sunday night there are plenty of people hanging around in the public areas if you want to grab a drink.

Most importantly the bar noise does remain separated from the rooms and it will not interfere with you trying to sleep. The best way to describe it is hotel comfort with the lively atmosphere of a hostel.

Euro Youth Hotel Reservations


Are you ready to pack your bags, head to Munich and stay in the Euro Youth Hostel? Well, you should be.

Euro Youth Hotel Reservations





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