Five tips to work remotely while traveling the world


Remote work sounds like a breeze. Literally. A cool breeze on a tropical beach as you click away on your computer, sipping a pina colada. Reaching this point in your remote career does take time, planning and efficiency. There are five simple tips to improve your skills as a remote worker or digital nomad.

1. Plan ahead

 Plan ahead

The best part of remote work is the freedom to explore the world, without sacrificing your career or income. However remote work does require a well thought out plan. You cannot be hiking through the desert with an impending deadline or stuck on a flight during a required work meeting. Plan ahead to reduce stress and potential problems both at work and your personal life.

2. Set a schedule

Set a schedule

And stick to it! Set aside time every day or week for you to get work done. Morning, night or weekend, it does not matter, as long as the scheduling works for you. Planning ahead pushes you to get work done in the set time to not interfere with other scheduled tasks.

3. Communicate efficiently

Communicate efficiently

Reduce time at your desk and illuminate potential confusion or questions by coworkers by honing in your effective communication skills. Do not waste the time writing a six paragraph email for something that needs two sentences.

4. Take time off

Take time off

You might be thinking remote work is unlimited time off. But, if you are not careful, work will creep its way into every minute of your day. Do not be afraid to unplug from your phone or computer and really take time to enjoy your day. Not taking proper time off will ultimately lead to remote worker burnout, where no work is effectively completed.

5. Get unlimited high speed wireless data

Get unlimited high speed wireless data

Nothing is worse than being stuck with throttled data or spotty WiFi. Your future self will thank you. You might not think you use that much data, as you never run out at home. While you are traveling though we easily run through several GB of data transferring music, videos, photos and documents on the go.

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