Witness the Guayacanes Blossoms in Colimes, Ecuador


Welcome to Colimes

Colimes is a small town located 90km, or an hour and a half drive north of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Once a year the Guayacanes blossom, creating a beautiful sea of yellow flowers. The blossom takes place between the months of December and January, depending on the rainfall and lasts for only one week.


In Colimes, the farm Las Habras hosts one of the most spectacular natural shows in the country for the blossom of the Guayacanes. This location is just now working its way to fame in Ecuador. Previously people had to travel seven hours the southern province of Loja to observed this blossoming.


Las Habras has a 2km walking path through the natural Gauyacanes forest, which takes around one hour to complete. The path can be a bit muddy with recent rainfall, so bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes. The best time to visit is in the middle of the week long blossom, when the whole landscape is covered in yellow.


Las Habras has so much more to offer than just its Guayacanes blossoms. The tour begins with a traditional local dance show and an interesting interpretation center, with history of the region. You can also enjoy lunch there, with local dishes and fresh fruit juices available for purchase.

Rent a horse to explore the natural Guayacanes Forest

You can also rent horses if you do not feel like walking the path. If you are looking for more recreational activities, the farm also allows biking and camping. They offer cabins you can rent as well and enjoy some nature while visiting Guayaquil.


It is a perfect destination to enjoy with your family, friends or even some alone time in nature. Make sure to charge your camera and get ready for some beautiful flower blossom shots!

The entry fee is $3 USD for adults and $1.50 for children and includes a tour guide.

Thank you to the Prefectura del Guayas and the Guayas Tourism Board for inviting us to the official blossom announcement event.

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