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11 items you must pack in your carry on bag


1. Toothbrush and toothpaste


It is really important to always carry your toothbrush and a small toothpaste not only to keep yourself fresh during the flight but also in case your luggage get lost at least you carry what is necessary to stay clean and fresh.

2. Hair brush


A long flight can get exhausting not only because you are stuck in an airplane but also because you do not feel fresh. A good way to always feel clean and fresh is to brush your hair as well. It is also good to have in case something goes wrong with your luggage.

3. Wipes


Wet wipes are my favorite. It not only helps sanitizing where you sit or removes unknown germs from public places, but it also helps you keep you clean. Get ones that you can use for your body and face and they will help you get clean and feel fresh on your flight.

4. Headphones


If you do not to hear a crying baby all flight, do not forget your headphones. If you want to listen to your own music or watch the flights entertainment, or just  other type of distraction during the flight. There is nothing better than using your own comfortable headphones, rather than the airline headphones from hell.

5. Sweater


Even if your destination is tropical, the airplane is going to be freezing. It is important to keep yourself warm, as you do not want to get sick at the start of your trip. A good way to avoid it is by bringing a sweater or jacket to keep you warm and cozy.

6. Pen or Pencil


There is always a form you need to fill out when visiting another country and the worst thing is asking everyone to borrow one. It takes no space and can help fill your long flight if you bring a crossword or sudoku booklet. It also is a great way to take notes in a way that never loses battery.

7. Water Bottle


No one wants to pay a lot of money in the airport for a small water bottle. Bring your own empty bottle and refill it at the airport. It is also good as you do not have to wait for the flight attendant to bring you something to drink. It is extremely important to stay hydrated while flying, as airplanes have dry air and the food they served is typically salty.

8. Phone charger


The worst thing is arriving to a new destination and your phone being dead. Always carry your charger with you to give your phone some extra juice at any point. Also, some of the new airplanes have the USB charger lot, take advantage of your time in the airport/plane and have a fully charged phone when you get to your destination.

9. Pads and a change of underwear


If you are a woman it is important to pack a pair of pads, to help you feel fresh and clean. For both men and women, we recommend to always pack an extra pair of underwear, just in case your luggage is delayed and can actually help to pack delicate items.

10. Pillow


Try to sleep while flying so you are not tired when you reach your destination. The best way to do so is by having a small inflatable pillow. It will not take up as much space as a regular pillow and will make your flight more comfortable.

11. Valuables


This is the most important thing ever! Do not put any valuable item in your luggage. Think passport, camera, wallet, cell phone, etc. Everything should be with you at all times. Bring a small purse or backpack where you can put your valuables if you do not want to carry them in your pockets.

I normally bring one just in case they force you to check the carry on due to a full flight. Do not trust your carry on for those items, as you luggage might get lost or you might need them to get through immigration.

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Thursday 13th of June 2019

Are you allowe to bring your hydro flask.

Travel To Blank

Thursday 13th of June 2019

You can bring a Hydro Flask, just like any water bottle, as long as it is empty going through airport security.