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10 Simple Tips for a Perfect Travel Experience

Whether you are traveling for exotic parties or a business trip, there are many ways to better enjoy your experience. All you need is a good schedule and extra attention to details to avoid unnecessary expenses. With these 10 simple tips make sure your next trip will be stress free.

Plan your schedule early

If you know when you want to go to Indonesia for example, you can buy your tickets weeks or months in advance. By finding the best opportunities to travel you can use money you are saving to eat in a fine restaurant or stay in a luxury spa Bali while on your trip. Regularly look for cheap flights and book when you find a deal, because you are not the only one looking to travel. Hotels and airlines might offer last minute deals, but they are always hit or miss.

Sign up for a travel credit card

If you are a frequent traveller it is a good idea to sign up for a travel credit card. This way you will save money on foreign transaction fees and potential receive cash refunds, air miles and even hotel discounts. We have the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, due to its high rewards and additional perks. Make sure to do your research to find the right travel card to meet your needs.

Look for frequent flier programs

If you usually fly with the same airline, it makes sense to utilize a frequent flyer program and earn free miles. This way you can earn an additional range of privileges and have a higher chance of being upgraded to first class.

Leave your expensive phone at home

There is no reason to carry your expensive mobile phone and worry about losing it, especially if you are bringing a camera for photographs. Take along an older phone for internet access and phone calls. If you have to take it with you, try to use it diligently and carefully as the expensive gadget is a prime target of pickpockets.

Write down important telephone numbers

It might seem like there is no reason as your cell phone has all the important numbers in it already. However, you always need a separate card with the most important phone numbers, which will prove safer if your phone is lost or stolen. Credit cards have the customer service number on the back in case you need to cancel the card, but you cannot find this number if your wallet is gone!

Carefully select the time you travel

If you visit a place during the busiest tourist season, then every part of the trip will be more expensive. An off-season trip will provide you with affordable accommodation and food, and you will not be stuck in the crowds.

Claim that your suitcase contains fragile items

Waiting for your suitcases at baggage claim can be very irritating. A good way to make sure your suitcase arrives before others is to claim that your suitcase contains fragile items. This not only protects the potentially fragile items you buy on the trip, but gets your suitcase to you faster.

Buy a local or international SIM card

If you are traveling for a long time, you should buy a sim card of the country you are in, or an international sim card so that you can make international calls and communicate with your family and friends. You can very easily buy them in each destination and save you a lot of money from roaming.

Buy a bicycle instead of renting it

Transportation costs can easily exceed your budget once you are in a destination. If you want to quickly get to know the city, try to find a used bike rather than renting it each day. For example, in Amsterdam, renting a bicycle costs 16 euros a day and you can potentially find a used bike for less than 55 euros.

Wrap instead of folding

Are you tired of trying to fit all your clothes in a small suitcase? Instead of folding your clothes, try tightly rolling them up. Not only is it easier but you save a lot of space.

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