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13 Niagara Falls Photos During In The Winter

Having already visited Niagara Falls in the summer, it was not on our list of places to go back, until we saw some photographs of Niagara Falls during winter. As soon as we saw what a frozen wonderland the falls become each winter, we hoped in the car and drove straight there!

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As the temperature cools, the raging Niagara River is no match for the freezing waters. The falls never stop flowing, but portions of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls turn to dramatic ice sculptures.

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Travel to Niagara Falls in the Winter

These jaw-dropping landscapes are perfected thanks to the fine mist from the falls forming a thick but clear layer of ice over everything it touches, including trees, handrails and buildings. We have 15 of the most inspiring photos to get you excited about visiting Niagara Falls this winter!

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Nigara Falls in winter 13 Photos to inspire you to visit Niagara Falls

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