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15 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Kirkenes, Norway During Winter

Kirkenes is a beautiful little city in very northern Norway and just a stones throw from the Finland and Russian borders. This beautiful landscape turns into a winter wonderland ever year.

With several months of endless night, it is the perfect place to witness the northern lights. Stay at the Snowhotel for a once in a lifetime experience sleeping in a hotel made completely of snow.

Travel video of Kirkenes

Travel to Kirkenes, Norway during winter

The Snowhotel also has many activities to enjoy including a husky safari and chasing the northern lights. You can read our complete review of the Snowhotel, but here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit the Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway.

Check out the following collections of pictures we took to inspire you to brace the cold and travel up north to Kirkenes this winter!

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15 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Kirkenes During the Winter

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