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36 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Oslo in The Winter

We want to share our favorite photos of Oslo in the winter and inspire you to visit Oslo this year. When you think about Norway over the winter, it might invoke frigid temperatures, but in Oslo, the nation’s capital, temperatures only dip slightly below freezing. With proper thermal layering, you might actually find yourself a bit warm when out exploring for the day. One of the greatest reasons to visit Oslo in the winter is its beautiful snowscapes and frozen fjord.

We spent several days in Oslo in the winter and had a fantastic time exploring the cities many museums and indulging on the delicious local cuisine. We have put together our 10 favorite photos from our trip to inspire you to visit Oslo next winter.

Video Visiting Oslo in the Winter

Travel to Oslo, Norway during Winter

36 Photos of Oslo, Norway in the Winter

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36 Photos to Inspire You To Visit Oslo During the winter

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Friday 30th of November 2018

Quelle superbe ville jeg liker Oslo magic