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5 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers And Owners In 2024

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Dog owners and dog lovers rejoice! While dog birthdays and regular holidays are the perfect time to get a gift for your pup, there is never a bad time to get a gift for dog lovers. We have two chocolate labs, Gordo and Floyd, our in-house product testers, know this to be true, with frequent additions to their dog toy pile.

With so many options for dog gifts out there it can be hard to find the best pet gifts. For us, the best dog gifts mix fun and durability with knowledge and stimulation. We have compiled our 5 favorite gifts for dog lovers and owners in 2024. Let us know if you have any go to dog gifts in the comments below.

Budsies Custom Pillow

The best gift for dog owners is one that everyone can enjoy, so look no further than the custom dog pillows from Petsies. This cuddly pillow of your pet will be the greatest addition to any dog lovers home. We got a larger than life size pillow of Gordo enjoying his favorite pair of sunflower glasses.

These handmade pet pillows create a huggable pet keepsake from a photo of your dog (or other pet). Simply upload your photo and select if you want a pet shaped pillow or a custom throw pillow gift. With a quick check out process your order will be good to go before you know it. All you have to do is lay by the door for the mailperson each day to see if they bring you a special package, or you could also check the package tracking online.

Personalized pillows from Petsies are not just for dog owners, they specialize in making custom pillows of all pets including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, pigs, and even monkeys! It is truly a great custom pet gift for any pet owner or yourself.

Order your own custom Petsies pillow today, the perfect gift for pet lovers.

Solid Gold Dog Meal Topper

One great gift for dog owners is Solid Gold NutrientBoost to help overall pet wellbeing throughout their life. NutrientBoost is a meal topper for dogs so can be added to whatever type of dog food you are already feeding your pup. This meal topper helps dog gut health, improving pet digestion and nutrient absorption.

While these benefits for dogs is great information for pet owners, the most important info for the dogs themselves is the flavor! Gordo and Floyd can attest to these delicious additions to their daily meals.

Visit Solid Gold Pet to shop and find coupons.

MultiPet Stuffed Animals

Multipet creates dog toys with an importance placed on unique design, superior quality, and most importantly fun. The diverse range of pet toys often use a range of durable materials to keep your dog active, engaged, and happy. There are so many different dog toys to chose from you really can’t go wrong when looking for the perfect pet gift.

The durable Cross-Ropes Duck is Floyd’s favorite thanks to the range of interesting textures to play with and a built in squeaker. We also have the colorful Ball-Head Unicorn, which also adds a pop of color to your pet photos enjoying their new toy.

Multipet toys can be purchased at one of your favorite local pet stores. For more information about Multipet products on their website.

Eat, Play, Love Your Dog Book

The best gift for dog owners does not have to be just for the dog itself, it can also be for the owner to help them be a well informed pup parent. Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner by Lara Shannon will quickly become your go to guide on ensuring your dog can live its life to the fullest.

The book is split into three themed chapters, aptly named ‘Eat’, ‘Play’, and ‘Love.’ The ‘Eat’ chapter includes a section of homemade dog food recipes, and helpful information about dog health and diets. The ‘Play’ chapter has some fantastic tips on dog training and tricks, along with how to address behavior and lifestyle issues. Most importantly for a dog owner, is the ‘Love’ chapter which covers a range of topics regarding dog ownership, from questions to consider before getting a dog through to travelling with dogs, and options when your dog reaches old age.

It is the perfect dog training book to sit and enjoy reading with your dog sleeping in your lap. Just watch out as your pup might want to play even though you let them know it is reading time!

Green Gruff CBD Chews

Green Gruff CBD chews for dogs offers both EASE Joint and Hip Chews and RELAX Calming Dog Chews. The EASE supplement is formulated to provide hip pain support for dogs. This is especially useful for our older chocolate lab, Gordo, who is facing joint and hip pain in his later years.

The EASE supplement is perfect for our younger lab, Floyd, who tends to get excited by plenty of things around the house or on a walk, from thunderstorms and construction to large crowds or dogs on TV. These Dog Anxiety Chews have 9 essential amino acids, more iron than spinach, and are significantly more sustainable than beef, while promoting relaxation and reducing nervousness.

While each Green Gruff chew sounds like it was specifically designed for our two chocolate labs, the two products can be taken together for more health benefits for your dog.

One important note about Green Gruff is that these pet supplements are not meant to be used as treats or rewards. They are nutritionally vitamins and minerals and should be taken daily to have the best possible impact on your pet’s wellness.

Reminder: Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. These products should be inspected periodically for damages. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a broken or damaged toy. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible. Intended for pet use only.

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Thursday 5th of August 2021

that is a unique topic and very well explained. we do have a dog in Dubai and i am sure brokko will love to have these gifts.