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5 Best Internet Free Apps for Traveling


When traveling the world we always bring our cell phones, as they can be used for nearly everything. They are small high powered tools that help make traveling a breeze, especially with access to the internet. But, remember, many of the places around the world do not have high speed data or reliable wifi connections. Plan ahead and use these five free apps that do not require internet to get the most out of traveling!

1. Google Trips


Google trips is your new travel agenda. We used often to have all our trip information in one place. Jazmin is fan number one of all Google products. This app automatically keeps your flight, booking and tour reservations all in one place.

It also provides you a wide variety of suggestions of things to do, see and eat nearby. Make sure to toggle the download before your trip to get all the suggestions, reservations and maps prepared for offline use.

Get Google Trips: Android / iOS.

2. HERE WeGo


HERE WeGo maps allows you to download an offline map of the destination you want to visit. It helps you with directions and gives your recommendations on where to go and what is worth seeing around you. The app also let you favorite the spots you like the most.

Get HERE WeGo: Android / iOS.

3. Google Translate


Google translate allows you to download languages beforehand, so when you are visiting a new country you do not need to use WIFI to translate. There is a relatively new function of Google Translate that allows you to just point the camera at a foreign language text and have it translate into English. This way you can easily understand maps, signs and menus!

Get Google Translate: Android / iOS.

4. Google Drive


The advantage of Google Drive is that you can access files, travel lists, PDFs all offline. Plus you can add notes and keep a diary as long as you have enabled the offline function.

Get Google Drive: Android / iOS.

5. BeFunky


For all the instagrammers like Jaz Befunky is a must. It allows you to edit your photos, create a collages and even add fun designs, stickers and text over your images. This powerful image editor is all you will need for your travels!

Get BeFunky: Android / iOS.

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