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5 Reasons For Not Traveling, And Why They’re Wrong


Most people consider traveling to be a luxury for a chance to explore various destinations and learn more about different cultures. Although traveling around the world can prove to be exciting, many people avoid the experience due to several different excuses. There are a number of reasons that people avoid packing their bags and why they’re wrong.

1. Not Enough Time


It can be easy to feel guilty using your vacation time to backpack through Europe or lounge on the beach in Fiji due to a busy work schedule. Although you may not feel like you have the time to take a vacation, there may never be a time in the future when you’re not busy. Understand that having a bit of fun can allow you to recharge to avoid feeling burnt out with your responsibilities.

2. A Lack of Funds


Traveling abroad or within the country can cost a significant amount of money due to the cost of transportation, lodging, and activities that you participate in. You may feel limited due to a lack of money, but there are still ways to cut corners and have an incredible trip without spending more than you’re comfortable with. Consider staying at hostels, which are available at a fraction of the cost of hotels with bunk beds and communal bathrooms that are available. You can also rent out a room at an AirBnB in a prime location of the city or use your credit card points to pay for the roundtrip flight.

3. Safety Concerns


You may be afraid of getting mugged or becoming a victim of a crime, but your safety concerns shouldn’t stop you from traveling to a new location. Crime is present throughout the world but can be avoided by sticking to popular tourist areas and allowing yourself to blend in with the locals. Avoid showing off your valuables while you spend time outside and inform a friend back home of your itinerary to ensure that they know your whereabouts each day.

4. Traveling Alone


It can be easy to feel intimidated when traveling alone, but not having anyone to go on a trip with shouldn’t stop you from taking an adventure. You can research other groups of tourists that will be in the local area of your destination or get to know people at festivals or concerts that you attend.

5. Fear of the Unknown


Having a fear of the unknown can make it easy to avoid traveling to new destinations that you’ve never experienced. It’s important to remain flexible and embrace the unknown, which will allow you to go with the flow and find excitement in the unexpected. Create a plan but be willing to make changes if you get the opportunity to take a tour through the city or dine at a five-star restaurant that you come across. Embracing the unknown will make it easier to have fun and know that anything can happen while you’re away.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.

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Michael Taylor

Sunday 18th of December 2016

LOL! I can think of a few other fears such as fear of long lines at airports, fear of unscrupulous taxi drivers, fear of uncomfortable airplanes and vans , fear of returning home add facing a big pile of mail to go through or finding out that one of your bills wasn't paid and the power has been turned off or the telephone has been disconnected. These fears don't stop me from traveling, but they DO cause anxiety because ALL of them HAVE happened to me!