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5 reasons why Barcelona should be on your travel bucket list

When you think of your bucket list, what countries are in it? As the saying goes, the world is your oyster, meaning almost any country could make the list, so how do you narrow it down? There are so many different countries in the world, each has its own unique selling points – gorgeous beaches, stunning scenery, hundreds of years of history, a great food scene, the list can keep on going. 

One country and destination in particular that we would like to highlight and for you to consider for your bucket list is Barcelona in Spain. A wonderful destination that has so much to offer, from its foodie scene and hot weather to its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery.

It’s a destination that is family-friendly, perfect for a romantic breakaway as well as being a city a lot of solo travelers visit on their holiday. From affordability to the ultimate luxurious trip away and everything in between, Barcelona caters for everyone. 

With so much going for it, we have decided to put together our guide on why Barcelona should be on your travel bucket list – we promise once you’ve booked, you’ll be returning in no time! So be prepared to have a lovely break away. 

Barcelona’s beautiful scenery 

Many people visit Barcelona because of its stunning scenery. Arguably one of the prettiest cities in the world, you can get many viewpoints throughout Barcelona, showing off all it has to offer. Head to Park Güell (which is a popular attraction when visiting) and take in the unique view it presents.

If you get the chance, a boat tour offers a completely different perspective of the coastline and you can enjoy a dip in the ocean at the same time. Montjuïc is very well known and another tourist trap that offers a sensational view. 

Thriving list of things to do 

When going away, you want to relax but also know there are plenty of things to see and do. Barcelona will not let you down in this department! It thrives with things to do, there are always different activities going on as well as new things to try and see.

Head on over to Casa Batlló for a unique experience or book a stadium tour at Barcelona Football Club. There are plenty of museums for you to visit as well as historical sights to see – you don’t want to miss La Sagrada Familia. Depending on how long you are planning to visit, a hop-on hop-off bus gives you the chance to see a lot of the city in a short space of time. 

An extremely safe city 

It’s so important you feel safe when going away! There is nothing worse than visiting a destination to feel worried and nervous when exploring. Barcelona is known to be one of the most safest cities in the world to visit, in fact, the Economist ranked it 12 in their list of the safest places to visit in 2021.

We always recommend doing your own research when booking a trip away, but with such a high safety rating, you can feel rest assured that most places in the city are safe to stay in when booking your accommodation. 

The food scene 

If you consider yourself to be a foodie, you’ll be pleased to know Barcelona has a good reputation amongst the food scene in the world. Throughout the city, there is a vast array of cuisines for you to try out, served from local food vans to award-winning restaurants – If you enjoy dining at a Michelin restaurant, Barcelona has around 19 dotted around the city for you to try out. A few famous food dishes for you to try when in the area include Paella, Croquettes and Grilled Cuttlefish.

The weather 

When it comes to booking a holiday away, in a lot of circumstances, the weather will be up there with one of the most important factors when deciding on where to go – and why wouldn’t it be? You don’t want to spend a lot of money to be staying inside due to the rain.

Luckily for Barcelona, it enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate which involves a hot summer – exactly what you want when going away. For the hottest months, aim to visit around June, July and August as this is when the sun peaks at its max. 

Above are five reasons of so many more on why you should consider adding Barcelona to your bucket list. We hope our guide has given you some indication of the many benefits of visiting this beautiful city – if it hasn’t, keep on researching as we are sure you will love it. No matter the time of year you choose to stay, you’ll have a great time with so much to see and do. And as mentioned above, we are sure you’ll want to come back again. 

Have you been to Barcelona before? What did you like most about the city? Which of the above reasons did you find most useful? Is there anything you think we should add to the list? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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