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5 ways to make your vacation more enjoyable


1. Visit the location at the right time


It is easy to say I would love to go to the Eiffel tower and plan a trip around that fact, but we recommend you first look into the weather, local holidays and the season. It is not only cheaper when you go during low season but it also means less people, more beautiful pictures and faster touristing. Just remember, it is low season for a reason, not only weather so look into it and plan accordingly.

Once you get there, make sure you find out the right times to visit each attraction. Maybe it is only worth visiting the waterfront for sunset or it is deserted by dark.

2. Do a little research beforehand



Visiting  someplace because of one particular attraction can let you down. We recommend you to have a full list of activities you can do in your destination, as to not put all your eggs in one basket. The beauty of traveling is to explore and find surprising new places, but in a positive mater. So, let the destination surprise you and enjoy more than just the bucket list monuments.

3. Travel with someone you get along with


If your next trip is not solo, traveling with someone you get along with and can see yourself having a good time is key. Do not visit your top destination with someone you just met weeks ago or have never traveled with. Try going somewhere that is not your dream destination first and see how things go. Then plan your perfect vacation with them if it works out.

4. Do not save money by getting a cheap guide


While we recommend to travel with our walking travel guides, to be honest there are places where a print guide might not be enough. Places like Athens it is a must to take a tour to learn more about the history, how it affects society today and to reach the dispersed attractions in the unbearable heat. For guided tours, make sure it’s the right tour for you, visiting the places you want and is right price. Do not just take the cheapest tour, as it might be the worst experience for you.

Ex: A Red Bus; if you just want it for transport, public transportation can be better and cheaper.

5. Reserve a hotel for the first night


The worst thing is when you arrive to your destination and have nowhere to stay or find out your hotel is not in a desirable location. That has happened to us several times because we go on adventures at our own pace. If you love this type of traveling go for it, but reserve one night and the next day you can look for a cheaper or better located one if needed!

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