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6 Essential Tips for Backpacking Europe

You may only ever have one chance in your life to backpack Europe, so you better make it a trip to remember.

Whether you are spending the summer in the Greek Isles, taking in breathtaking architecture in Romania, or enjoying the nightlife in Latvia there are some basic tips for backpacking Europe.

With a little preparation, necessary items, and the right company backpacking through Europe will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

6 Tips for Backpacking Europe

1. Plan Ahead

Like with any enjoyable vacation, planning before you go will help prevent headaches and prepare you for the unexpected.

This tip for backing Europe can even save you some money. Arranging all your transportation and accommodations in advance is much cheaper than making last minute decisions.

Planning your traveling companions is also recommended. Know who you are going with. Personality is key. Are your traveling companions laid back? Are they flexible when things do not go as planned?

It is in your best interest to choose a traveling buddy that mirrors your personality and will help create a stress-free experience.

2. Pick the Right Season

Nyhavn Canal

Weather can make or break any vacation. No one wants to spend their time of leisure stuck inside due to rain or extreme heat.

Another perk to picking the right season to travel is decreased crowds. The Balkan coastline is best during the peak summer months.

Looking to travel in the fall? Head to the Mediterranean. Spain and Italy are gorgeous this time of year. The British Isles offer mild temperatures in the spring.

3. Do Your Research

Reichstag Building

These tips for backpacking Europe piggyback off those regarding preparation.

It’s important to know exactly where and when you plan to travel. This will ensure you get the most out of your backpacking experience. Of course, backpacking through Europe would not be the adventure it is without a certain level of spontaneity.

Having a loose itinerary will allow you to hit all the areas of interest you want and take advantage of your time away.

4. Pack Wisely

There are some basic accommodations you will need when backpacking through Europe.

The key word here is “backpacking” — you do not want to bring anything too heavy.

You will be doing a lot of walking during your trip. Walking from the hostel to your sites, to the train or bus stop. Granted, you may leave some materials behind but for the most part, you will be carrying your items with you.

So pack wisely, choose light items and do not forget the essentials. These include your passport or form of identification, money, clothes and comfortable shoes.

5. Ask for Recommendations

If you’ve never backpacked through Europe, before you go, you might want to ask someone who has.

Other travelers may have great tips for backpacking Europe like where to stay, hidden treasures, great sites and cheap rates. It’s usually a good idea to ask locals where to shop, eat and stay. Tourist spots will be more crowded and cost more.

6. Learn the Language

It is important to know the language of the land. Though there are over 50 English speaking countries around the world, it’s still recommended to know some basic words to communicate and get around.

You can even purchase a phrase book before your trip, which will teach you basic phrases like, “hello”, “please”, “I’m sorry” and “Where is the bathroom?”

Plan Your Next Adventure

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Whatever journey you want to take, we can help by giving you all the information and tips you need.

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