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6 Fashion Accessories Every Traveler Must Own

Travelling is the perfect time to show off your personal style and the best way to so is with accessories. There are some fashion pieces that every travelling girl should own to spice up any outfit no matter the occasion. Choosing the right pieces can transform your look and rev your travelling style.

Here are 6 ideal fashion accessories to amp up your travel looks:


When travelling, keeping track of time and being punctual is essential. Therefore, you should own at least one good watch. Pick a style that is classic and compliments any outfit, so you can get the most wear out of it. If during your travels you have the chance to visit one of the fashion capitals of the world, you should definitely check out a luxury watch shop, like the Pisa Orologeria boutique of Patek Philippe in Milan for example. Designer watches are a timeless classic that go well with anything and will always compliment your look and style.  

Chic Sneakers

Any world traveler knows that wearing comfortable walking shoes is vital, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and attractive. There are loads of chic sneakers out there that will add style to your travelling clothes. They are ideal for travelling in and also for walking about and sightseeing. Look for a variety of colors so you can match them with what you’re wearing. 

Leather Backpack

When on the go, practicality and safety is essential. Leather is excellent for standing the test of time, as it’s very sturdy and also slash proof and water proof. Not to mention you will be completely hands-free! Backpacks in general are also very spacious: you’ll have a place to hold all of your travelling essentials, like your passport, sunglasses, and snacks when you are out and about. You could also choose one with a laptop slot if you usually bring your computer with you. The best thing about leather is that it’s a classic and it goes well with everything- you really can’t go wrong. Wear it with your best travelling jeans and sneakers to infuse a touch of glamour to every outfit. 


A chic pair of sunglasses serves two purposes. First, they offer function by allowing you to enjoy the journey without the sun glaring into your eyes. Second, they add sophistication for your outfit, enhancing the fashionable choices on the rest of your body. Whether you’re wearing them on your face or are pushing them up onto your head, the right pair of sunglasses is a travelling must have.

Cute Hat

Like sunglasses, a hat is nice to have when you travel because it helps protect your face and eyes from the sun and can keep you cool when it’s really hot outside. Choose something stylish, like a sun hat or a cute baseball hat, to add style to your clothing choices.

Passport Holder

You won’t get far without your passport, so better can carry it in style. Choose a chic and glamorous passport holder so that anytime you pull it out, you showcase your look. The right passport holder enhances your clothing and shows the world that you’re a fashion icon. Plus, it also protects it from getting ruined. 

When you hit the road to see the wide world, are there any travelling accessories that you simply can’t live without? 

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