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The 8 Best Things to Do in Boston, MA

Boston is one of the largest cities in the United States, if you count the entire metro area, and one of the oldest cities in the country. As such, it is one of the best places to visit in the country because of the seamless blending of historic landmarks and contemporary attractions. Here are some reasons why you should make a point of visiting Boston someday. 

1. Set Off on a Cruise

Boston is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean, and cruises from Boston depart every day. If you decide to take one of these cruises, you’ll start out by seeing some of the points of interest that the city has to offer and then set off for other ports along the Atlantic Coast, including Canadian provinces such as Quebec and the Maritimes. 

2. Walk the Freedom Trail

Some of the most significant events of the American Revolution took place in Boston. Many tourists visit to see the sites where these events took place, and the city has made it easier with the creation of the Freedom Trail. Sixteen historically significant locations, such as the Old State House and the home of Paul Revere, are included on the trail, which you can follow via a clearly marked trail paved right into the sidewalks. 

3. Take a Duck Tour

Can’t decide whether you want to see the sites of interest on land or in the harbor? You don’t have to decide. Duck tours take you around both. A duck tour takes place on an amphibious tour bus that has the ability to drive around the historic streets and then straight into the water. Duck tours are prolific in downtown Boston, and you’ll recognize the vehicles immediately by their boat-like gunwales on the sides. 

4. Visit a Museum

Boston has museums to cater to every taste. Like many other cities, it has a Museum of Science and a Museum of Fine Art, both of which are very good. A more unique offering is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Gardner was a prominent Boston citizen in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, an art aficionado and patron as well as a literary scholar and collector of old books. Her museum was her gift to the city; it not only displays her collection but is housed in an ornate mansion that sits on magnificent grounds.

The ISG Museum has some quirky admission policies. If your name is Isabella, you get free admission for life. If it is your birthday, you get free admission for the day. In both cases, you have to be able to back up your claim with identification. The museum will also discount your admission if you visit while wearing Red Sox memorabilia. 

5. See Fenway Park

Speaking of the Red Sox, no visit to Boston would be complete without a visit to their home field of Fenway Park. It is the oldest Major League ballpark in the country and is still in use today despite past attempts to replace it. 

6. Enjoy Seasonal Variations

There’s no bad time of year to visit Boston. Time your trip for autumn and you can enjoy the vibrant fall foliage. Wait a few months, and the city transforms itself into a winter wonderland. 

7. Appreciate Historic Architecture

Some of the best-preserved examples of 19th-century architecture in the country are found in the Boston neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and Back Bay, including the Boston Public Library. 

8. See the Boston Tea Party Re-Enacted

The Boston Tea Party was a protest against high taxes that was one of the key events of the American Revolution. You can see more or less how it happened at one of the re-enactments that take place frequently at a unique museum that floats on the harbor. 

While parking in Boston can be difficult, as in most urban centers around the country, it is fairly easy to get around using public transportation. Boston is also a very walkable city. 

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