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The Complete Travel Guide to Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal is known for its beautiful rock formations along the beach. There is 2 different type of beaches, the ones like Dona Ana Beach, which has a rocky sand but a breathtaking landscape or the normal golden sand beach with a normal landscape such as Meia Praia.

Lagos, Portugal Walking Guide

Top 12 Attractions in Lagos, Portugal

1. Meia Praia

Meia Praia

Meia Praia is the most famous of all the Lagos beaches. Its sheer size, white sand, beach bars and proximity to the town make it a great relaxing choice. Meia Praia is over 4km long. Walking from the marina, past the train station it only takes a 5 minute walk to reach the start of the beach. During the summer there is a water taxi from Avenida dos Descobrimentos, to the western edge of the beach itself.

2. Lagos Marina


The Lagos Marina is located at the heart of the city. Here you can enjoy a nice drink or meal on the harbor while enjoying the sail boats come in and out of the harbor. The marina is also the starting location for most of the boat tours through the many beaches and cliffs in the area.

3. Av. dos Descobrimentos

Ave dos Descobrimentos is the picturesque main avenue which extends from the marina to the mouth of the Bensafrim River and along the Atlantic Ocean. There are many cafes and restaurants to grab some food or a drink, while enjoying the marina.

4. Praca Gil Eanes

Gil Eannes Square is the central square of Lagos, at the convergence of the most important pedestrian and shopping streets. The square is also home to the Town Hall, the tourist information office and a statue of King Sebastião.

5. Castelo dos Governadores


Contrary to its name, the Governors’ Castle was mostly destroyed and consists now of the grand entrance gate and beautiful historic walls.

6. Forte da Ponta da Bandeira


Across the street from the castle is the Ponta da Bandeira Fort. This small 17th century fortress served to protect the port. It now home to a museum dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries throughout the centuries.

7. Batata Beach


Located in the shadow of the Bandeira Fort is the paradise Batata Beach, the closest beach to downtown Lagos. Due to its proximity to the city, the beach can get crowded during the busy summer tourist season.

8. Praia dos Estudantes


At the Praia dos Estudantes you can see a man made arch, which links one of the rocks, which once housed a small fort, with the mainland. Do not miss out on the hand dug tunnels on either side of the beach, which lead to smaller, less crowded sandy areas.

9. Praia do Pinhao


The Praia do Pinhao beach is the most beautiful beach in Lagos with its towering orange cliffs. To access the small beach it is a long walk down a old rock stairway. At the edges of the beach, along the cliffs are great places to do a bit of snorkeling.

10. Dona Ana Beach


Dona Ana beach is surrounded by cliffs, sheltering it from any cool sea breezes. This calm oasis has crystal clear waters and magnificent views. Access to the beach is by way of wooden steps, so it’s not suitable for disabled access. At the top of the stairs there is a restaurant and limited parking spots.

Directions to Dona Ana beach: To walk from Lagos town centre, follow the road past the cultural centre (“Rua Lançarote de Freitas”) to the arch in the town walls. At the roundabout turn left, walking past Campsite “Trindade” and the road to Dona Ana beach is on the left.

11. Camilo Beach


Camilo beach is simply beautiful, starting from the breathtaking view over the beach to the beautiful sands below. The picturesque cliffs create a sheltered bay for swimming, making it the ideal choice of beach for a breezy day. There is a popular restaurant on the cliffs above Camilo beach which serves local dishes and specialises in freshly caught seafood.

12. Ponta de Piedade


Any visit to Lagos would not be complete without visiting the stunning cliffs at Ponta da Piedade. From the point you get panoramic views all the way to Sagres in the west and the Algarve coastline to the east, with views across the bay to Alvor, Portimão, Carvoeiro and beyond. It makes for a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset as well.

The best way to explore the endless grottos and hidden caves at the base of Ponta da Piedade is to take a boat tour, which all start from the marina downtown.

To get to the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos just follow the road past Dona Ana beach and Camilo beach right to the end!

Restaurant Recommendation

Tasca da Lota

Throughout the morning asked three different locals what was the best place for lunch, and they all suggested the same place, Tasca Da Lota! So we went with our hopes up and our stomachs hungry.

We had the salmon and fish and chips and they were both fantastic. We could see them cooking the fish in the corner, and cooked the fish to their own suggestion, as we do not know much about. Highly recommended overall.

For less than any restaurant we saw near the marina, we got more food than could possibly consume, no matter how good it was. The waiters were busy with the many customers, so try to get all your questions and ordering done in one go if possible.

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