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A Complete Photography Guide With The Best Photo Spots in Lake Bled

Lake Bled Lake Bled is a piece of paradise in northwestern Slovenia for nature lovers and nature photographers. It is a very photogenic and unique place and that is why we created this guide with the most Instagrammable spots in Lake Bled. The surrounding of the lake, the color of the water and its little island make this lake a very special one. The best time to photograph the lake is near sunrise or sunset, not only the lighting is better but it is also less crowded.

When we visited early November there were only a few other tourists and it still has the autumn vibes with the leaves still yellow and orange. We did not look up info on where to take the best photo of Lake Bled until already on location and it was a horrible mistake, with limited internet service and few people around to ask. So we are sharing what we found to be the most Instagrammable places in Lake Bled to make sure that you get all the best shots during your visit.

Even though, Lake Bled is wonderful there is so much more to see than just snap some pretty photos. Make sure to read our complete guide of the best things to see and do in Lake Bled.

Map of the best photo locations in Lake Bled, Slovenia:

Lake Bled is an Instagram dream come true for many bloggers, influencers, photographers and tourists. In this map you will find the most Instagrammable places in Lake Bled.

The most Instagrammable spots in Lake Bled:

Lake Bled is by far one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. I first found out about this beautiful lake on Instagram and since then I had wanted to visit this photogenic and Instagram famous spot.

Keep in mind that you will need to plan your time and where you would like to take your photos as many of the best pictures involve a hike, a boat ride, or walking until you get the view you were looking for. Once you get your pictures we suggest using a photo editor to create the perfect Instagram shot.

1. Mala Osojnica Trail and Osojnica Viewpoint

Getting to the top of Osojnica is not an easy hike nor the easiest viewpoint to get. There are no obvious signs leading there and it is a 45- to 60-minute hike uphill. It is located about 645 meters from the Lake but trust me the view is worth the sweat. The viewpoint is located near the camping lot. You will find a paved road, take it and walk until you see the Mala Osojnica trail.

If you are not sure where to go, ask. We lost almost an hour because we got super lost. While you are going up the trail do not forget to turn around and take photos of the island in the lake through the trees, it is really magical. Getting to the top is easier than getting back down as it can get slippery and steep.

In Osojnica you will find a bench with the perfect viewpoint for Bled Island.

2. Ojstrica Bled

Ojstrica is the first hill on your way to Osojnica and where you can get the iconic view of the lake and you being on the top of a rock. Click here for instructions on how to hike to both locations. The hike takes about 25 minutes.

3. Velika Osojnica

Velika Osojnica

After taking some photos at Ojstrica Bled continue for another 20 minutes to reach Mala Osojnica. From there, keep walking another 25 minutes to reach Velika Osojnica (756m), which is in our opinion one of the most iconic view of Lake Bled and where most of the most Instagramable shots are taken.

3. Bled Castle

Bled Castle

It is also quite a hike to reach the cliffside Bled Castle. You have to climb up stairs until you reach to the top, and the there is an entry fee. If you are not willing to pay the fee do not even bother as you do not get any good views from the top unless you go inside the castle.

Without a doubt Bled Castle is one of the most picturesque castles in Slovenia and one of the most Instagrammable places at Lake Bled.

4. The Boardwalk along the Water and the docks

Lake Bled viewpoint

The best place to take photos is on the boardwalk along the water. Each step is a different angle of the lake with the island and it was beautiful. You get nice reflective photos along with countless spots to take photos with yourself. There is an official boardwalk and also a rough path next to the water, take that one is more fun!

One of the best instagram spots in Lake Bled is the dock in front of the island. Make sure to stand at the end of one of the docks and snap a beautiful shot.

5. Get in the water!

We were not able to get in the water as it was too cold when we visited in the Fall. During Summer, it is an amazing experience to shoot from the water and also enjoy some time in the refreshing waters. Swimming is allowed the lake only in designated areas.

6. Bring your drone

Lake Bled allows drone photography, so why not take it with you? We do not own a drone due to an unfortunate crash into a river, but we have seen fantastic photos of Lake Bled from above.

7. Bled Island

Lake Bled

You can go and take great photos from Bled Island, but only when the sky is clear. When I took the boat the weather was partly cloudy making the lake look foggy.

Another great option to take one of the most iconic photos in Lake Bled is from the boats. You can either take photos of the boats from the shore, or jump in one and enjoy a trip to Bled Island. There are different kinds of boats available at the lake, including rowboats and passenger boats.

8. Take a photo at the Insta-Heart

Before you leave Lake Bled make sure to take a nice photo at the beautiful Insta-Heart on the edge of Lake Bled. The heart nicely frames Bled Island.

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