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A Complete Visitors Guide To Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a wonderland of red rocks located 5 miles north of Moab, Utah. Arches National Park is perfect for a weekend getaway as the majority trails are short and the main scenic road covers most of the viewpoints.

The easiest way to explore the park is by car. Drive between the trailheads and hike from there. Arches is also close to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Point Horse State Park, so you can easily make your trip a whole week long adventure.

Arches National Park is not pet friendly, meaning that you can bring a pet into the park but pets are not allowed in any of the main hikes or viewpoints. If you are traveling to Moab with your dog, we recommend you to go to Dead Point Horse or any other dog friendly parks in the area.

Camping in Arches

If you are interested in camping in Arches National Park, start planning it in advance, the Devils Garden campground is fully booked well in advance. If you are more an adventurous soul like us, do not worry as the park is surrounded by BLM land, with many free camping spots available.

The whole park can be explored in a long full day if you wake up early and are able to hike quickly in warm and sandy conditions. The whole park is accessible by an 18-mile one-way paved main road which runs trough the park.

The best hikes in Arches National Park

Delicate Arch

The most popular hike in the park is Delicate Arch, the most iconic feature in all of Utah. You can either go to the viewpoints, Upper Viewpoint and Lower Viewpoint, to see the arch from a distance or hike the 3-miles round trip to the base of the arch.

Windows Trails

Our favorite viewpoints were the Upper Delicate Arch viewpoint, the Balanced rock, and the Windows. All three are easy hikes that will take your breath away. The windows is Jaz’s favorite hike, it is an easy one mile roundtrip hike with beautiful photograph opportunities. The hike takes you to the North and South Window as well as to the Turret Arch.

Devil’s Garden Trail

The Devil’s Garden 7.2 mile trail is a perfect morning hike, but make sure to start early to beat the heat and the crowds. This loop trail takes you by seven stunning arches including the Landscape Arch and Double 0 Arch. While you can turn around at any arch, the path becomes increasingly difficult as you progress.

Sand Dune and Broken Arch Trail

Starting at Sand Dune Arch, right near the trailhead, take off your shoes to enjoy the soft sand in the slot canyon which houses the arch. Continuing along on the trail, hike up to and straight through Broken Arch. The trail then leads you into Devil’s Garden Campground, where the trail loops back towards the start. On the way back, you will have a final panoramic view from the Skyline Arch. Much of this trail is without coverage from the sun, so bring plenty of water for your hike.

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Ryan Biddulph

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Beautiful guys. That 7 mile Devil's hike is the perfect length for me. Awesome cardio and quite the intense workout but not too too long. Although I would keep it to a morning deal and avoid later day stuff. Too hot. Even being in pretty good shape I learned to exercise with the weather in my favor.

Travel To Blank

Wednesday 8th of August 2018

That is true! You better keep good care of your health! I love going on hikes but sometimes it is good to slow down when needed.