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A Day Trip to the Waterfalls of Bucay, Ecuador

A Day Trip to the Waterfalls of Bucay, Ecuador

Bucay, Ecuador is a small town located a 90 minute drive east of the main city of Guayaquil. Get out of the city for the day to enjoy a trip through the beautiful greenery that Ecuador has to offer.

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What to do in Bucay in one day:

Swim in the Waterfalls of Bucay

Swim in the Waterfalls of Bucay

From Bucay it is a short drive in a colorful Chiva bus into the beautiful forested mountains outside the city. Once in the cloud forest it is a 15 minute hike to the first waterfalls. Along the walk the guides explain about the vastly diverse flora and fauna.

The first stop is at Las Mellizas waterfalls at 45m and 60m high. There is enough time to have a quick swim under the cool waters. This is the warmest of all waterfalls, so take the chance to dip your head under the rushing waterfall.

How to get to Bucay Ecuador:

  • From Guayaquil: You can to Bucay by bus or by car. If you choose to go by bus you will have to go to the main bus terminal in Guayaquil and take the bus “Santa Marta” that goes directly to the center town of Bucay. Other options are to take a bus towards Riobamba and get off after the big bridge crossing the Chimbo river, at the entrance of town. The bus ride is about one hour and a half. If you have a car then you have drive towards Riobamba and after passing Cumanda you will soon see a bridge that crosses the Chimbo River and then you arrive to Bucay. The ride is about an hour.
  • From Riobamba: If you are driving you need to head towards Cuenca/Colta and before passing the Colta Lagoon turn right towards Guayaquil. The car ride is about 2 hours. If you end up taking the bus, you have to go to the main bus terminal and take the bus towards Guayaquil and ask the driver to drop you off in Bucay before crossing the bridge. The bus ride is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Waterfall Canyoning Experience

Waterfall Canyoning Experience

At the last waterfalls it is time to put your wits to the test. You have the opportunity for an adrenaline packed canyoning experience down the 30 meters of Chorrera del Amor waterfall. The tour includes a helmet, harness and all safety equipment, along with two expert guides.

The trip down the waterfall is a rush of fun and excitement, if you relax and follow the guides commands. The water is quite chilly though, so make sure to bring along a change of clothes and a towel to drive off. Even if you are not up to canyoning, it is still a blast to watch each person descend the waterfall.

Trapiche: Cane Juice Making

Trapiche: Cane Juice Making

After the waterfall tour is over, it is time for a short cultural stop to see a Trapiche, a handmade mill machine that is used to extract juice from sugar cane. It is not all learning, you have to use your own strength to mill some cane juice to taste!

Traditional Ecuadorian Lunch

The Trapiche experience left us realizing how much we had already done in the day. Ready to eat it was on to a traditional Ecuadorian lunch. The lunch included delicious soup, a main dish and sweet fruit juice. They also offered vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat or shellfish.

Once we finished lunch it is back to Bucay, and for us the 90 minute drive back to Guayaquil. After an exciting day exploring the waterfalls of Bucay and having our adrenaline pumping it is great to back with enough time for a nap before dinner.

What to do and see in Bucay in one day:

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A Day Trip to the Waterfalls of Bucay, Ecuador
The best things to do in Bucay, Ecuador. All the information you need to visit the waterfalls of Bucay.

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