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A good night sleep on the road: How to sleep well while traveling with Bose® sleepbuds™

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Travel does have its upsides; meeting new people, trying new foods and learning new cultures, just to name a few. Yet spending countless hours in a day exploring a new destination on foot does leave us ready for a good night of sleep. While we have enjoyed many luxurious hotels and feathertop beds over the last several years, that is not the full reality of travel.

Being always on the go means we have also had our fair share of nights trying to sleep in less than perfect situations. We have dealt with overnight bus rides, red eye flights, chatty hostels, unforeseen holiday fireworks and busy downtown traffic noise. That is why we always travel with our Bose® sleepbuds™ and a pillow, so we can sleep everywhere.

Quality rest leads to high spirits and energy through the day, which is essential for travel. Thanks to our Bose® noise masking sleepbuds™ these noisy nights have turned into a peaceful slumber. Click on the image to order online at Best Buy.

Sleep well no matter where the adventure takes you

The sleepbuds™ provide a range of sounds to help get you to sleep and sleep through the night, no matter where you might be trying to catch some sleep. Our favorite sounds are the Campfire sounds of the forest and gentle waves along the shore in Swell.

Even if you are traveling for an extended period of time battery power does not have to be a daily concern with the combination travel case and charger. The travel case provides a full additional charge (16 hours) which means there is enough battery for several nights without worry.

The sleepbuds™ are noise-masking rather than noise-canceling, which means the calm soundtrack helps cover up any unwanted noise throughout the night. As frequent travelers we find ourselves in many sleeping situations that are less than ideal and anything to improve our sleep is welcome.

Soothing comfort throughout the night

The sleepbuds™ comfortably remain in the ear throughout the night even for those of us who like sleeping on our side. The system is even set up to work with just one sleepbud if you find sleeping on it uncomfortable, or in our case, share them!

It comes with three different sized ear tips to easily fit a wide range of ear sizes. Luckily the size it already came attached with were right for us, so it was ready for use right out of the box.

How to Setup the Bose® sleepbuds™

Setting up the Bose® sleepbuds™ is as simple as downloading the Bose® Sleep app onto your cell phone, turning on the bluetooth and sliding the sleepbuds™ case open. There are just a few on screen steps to make sure everything is connected and you are ready to slip in the sleepbuds™ and drift off to sleep.

Inside the app there are a variety of sounds to choose from, with more tracks to be added through the app updates in the future. You can also set an alarm to gently wake you up in the morning and of course set the volume.

There is in interesting note on the volume that says the point where you might not be able to hear surrounding noises which can important when you have young kids, pets or a train stop to catch.

Bose® sleepbuds™ are not replacing headphones

As a newer product it can be a little bit confusing to new travelers on the Bose® sleepbuds™ full functionality. They are designed specifically to provide the best sounds to cover up unwanted noises through the entire night.

Being a wireless product, the rechargeable silver-zinc micro batteries in the sleepbuds™ provide up to 16 hours of use off one charge, well beyond traditional wireless headphones. You cannot stream your own music, but updates to the app will continue to add more sounds.

Bose® sleepbuds™ are a great addition to any busy traveler’s essential gear who find themselves on one too many late night flights or in noisy hotel neighborhood. Whether for business or pleasure, travel is an amazing and exhausting experience. Getting a good night’s sleep is what allows any adventure seeker finding many more hidden gems to come in the morning.

Where can I buy Bose® sleepbuds™?

The Bose® noise-masking sleepbuds™ available at Best Buy and At the Best Buy store we visited, the display was separate of the traditional Bose® display and was located in the home electronics section.

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