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A Guide to Buying the Best LED Glow Leash for your dog

Buying the right leash and collar for your dog is super important. A good leash and a collar are supposed to last a very long time, so it is best to do a little research before buying one. There are so many brands, designs and types of dog leashes and collars, it can get difficult to choose the right one for your dog. When were started looking for a new leash we considered the style and functionality.

As our labs love to walk we take them on several long walks a day, meaning there is often a long walk at night. For us it is important to have a LED Glow leash and collar for nighttime visibility. The models from Illumiseen combine a rechargeable USB-powered LED light with 3 light settings, and reflective fabric for maximum visibility.

Led USB Rechargeable Dog Collar

The dog collar is perfect for walking your dog in the early morning or later in the evening. The lights are super bright and charge in under a hour with five hours of illumination per charge. It recharges with a USB cord making it easy to charge in the car, at home or anywhere with an outlet or a computer. The collar has three different light patterns, slow and fast blinking, and steady. It is also a good choice for camping as you can walk with your dog when it is dark out and there are not other lights around.

LED USB Rechargeable Dog Leash

We use the LED dog leash with our two labradors, Gordo and Floyd. They are about 70 and 80 pounds and it works great. It is a good addition to the LED collar as it gives more light and visibility on walks. I like that it is not retractable as it provides more control over the dogs.

Also, when going to state parks it helps to have a dog leash within the permitted length requirements. Just like the collar, the leash can easily switch between steady light, flashing light and rapid flashing. The leash also lasts between 4 to 5 hours, meaning we have to charge it about once a week.

LED Reflective Belt

The LED Reflective Belt is the perfect accessory for us humans when walking the dogs or just going out for an adventure. The belt is adjustable and super comfortable to just sling over your shoulder. The belt has two modes: steady light and flashing light. We have not yet been able to completely run the battery down on the belt as it offers 30-36 hours of illumination on each charge.

LED Backpack Cover

When going hiking early in the morning or commuting to work on a bike visibility is key. We love carrying our LED Backpack Cover because it is easy to put on and gives enough light that feel safe maneuvering down the street or up a mountain when there is not much light out. It easily slip over and clip onto any regularly sized bag. Besides its basic illumination the backpack cover is waterproof and provides an extra layer of protection to the bag.

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