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What To Do in Los Barrilles, Mexico in Two Days

With summer just around the corner and always on our mind, there is no better time to plan a trip to someplace overflowing in sand and sun. Look no further than the seaside village of Los Barriles for some well needed rest and relaxation in Mexico.

Los Barriles is located near the southern tip of the East Cape of Baja California. This quiet fishing village is just a 60 minute ride from Cabo San Lucas. A transfer from the Cabo airport is comfortable and stress free with the friendly Victor from Los Barriles Taxi Service.

The best things to do in Los Barilles in the weekend:

A quiet stay at Hotel Los Pescadores

A quiet stay at Hotel Los Pescadores

There is no place better to stay than the intimate 10-room Hotel Los Pescadores. This beautiful oasis is owned by the friendly Patti, who will make sure your entire stay is a pleasant one. The hotel features a pool, lounge chairs, restaurant, bar and even their own fishing charters.

It is an amazing place to relax in the evening after a day of adventures or just kick back all day for the ultimate vacation. The comfortable beds and energetic staff all but guarantee the best stay in Mexico.

The most surprising part about our stay at the hotel, is the fresh and delicious local foods crafted by the young head chef Ivan Bala. Even if you do not end up staying at the hotel, we highly recommend stopping by for a meal to give his cooking a taste.

Go snorkeling with rainbow fish

Check out the secluded Snorkel Beach near Punta Pescadero Paradise. With a snorkel mask and fins available at Hotel Los Pescadores you can catch a glimpse into the amazing underwater world. Just a few feet from the we were already able to spot a handful of colorful fish darting between the underwater rocks.

Even if you are not seeking some cool fish species, this is a perfect beach to tan on the sand or cool of in the blue waters. Bring along some food and make yourself a picnic in the sun.

Go Hhorseback riding on the beach

There is no better place than the beaches of Mexico to climb on the saddle and give horseback riding a try. Go for a relaxing stroll on a calm horse down the beach, with plenty of photo opportunities. Contact Horseback Rides with Betto via email to set up your own equine adventure.

ATV adventure to a waterfall

Head out from the hotel and into the wilderness right outside of Los Barriles with an ATV adventure with QuadGirl. Enjoy an adrenaline pumping ride on an ATV through the hills before making your way into Buenos Aires Arroyo. Make sure to bring along a handkerchief or something to cover your nose and mouth as the ride can get dusty.

After riding through the sand, you will be greeted with flowing waters. Only a short walk into the canyon you will find a majestic little waterfall, waiting for you to hop under. You can also climb to the top of the waterfall were there are several large shallow pools to enjoy.

Poolside drinks in the sun

I am pretty sure you would not be heading to Los Barriles to just sit by the pool while sipping some drinks. At Hotel Los Pescadores you have the opportunity to chill in the pool, relax on the lounge chairs and sip a cool, refreshing cocktail of your choice. On the perfect vacation there is no time to stress, only time to rejuvenate.

A Pickleball Adventure

You might have never heard of it before, but as soon as you start playing Pickleball will become your favorite game. Make your way over to Tres Palapas Pickleball to test your hand at what I can best describe as a mix of wiffle ball and tennis. Have no fear if you have never played before as the friendly team at Tres Palapas offers introductory courses along with regularly scheduled lessons.

After your time on the court, head up to the rooftop bar with a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez for a cooling drink.

Yoga meditation on the beach

A relaxing trip vacation to Mexico comes full circle with a sound mind and body thanks to a bit of yoga. Even if this is your first time on the mat, Healing Winds Holistic Center opens their doors to all skill levels. Give a go at the type of yoga that sounds most interesting to you, with classes available daily in the morning and afternoon. You might even end up going home with a new hobby!

Countless friends along the way

No adventure to Los Barriles, Mexico is complete without a nice tan and some new friends. Our trip to Baja California was made possible by several sponsors who we would like to give a brief shoutout.

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The photos in this post are taken by the talented Charity Epperson of Boudoir By Chee.

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What To Do in Los Barrilles, Mexico in Two Days

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