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Adopting a dog for the best road trip adventure

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

In honor of National Dog Day on August 26th, we are going to take a look at how dog adoption has changed our life and how we have used travel to change our chocolate lab Gorodo’s life.  It is crazy to think how ours and our dog’s combined love for travel means we cannot even go for a walk or pass our car without Gordo wanting to hop in the back to see where we take him!

How to find the perfect dog to adopt into your family

There is nothing more heartwarming than the excitement of a newly adopted dog sitting in the car on their way home to a new family and new adventure. Jazmin adopted Gordo from a young age, easily falling in love with the rambunctious little chocolate labrador retriever. Gordo grew up in his native Ecuador before moving to the United States in 2017.

As Gordo grew up he was not a frequent traveler, not venturing too far from home. Once he was diagnosed with arthritis Gordo’s health began to decline, but physical therapy brought him back towards a stronger state of energy. From only being able to walk one block improving to several miles per day, we knew there was no better time for our dog to see the world.

We moved with Gordo to the United States to take him on the ultimate road trip. Moving back to the US, the first thing we needed was a car that has ample room for our camping supplies, photography equipment and plenty of room for Gordo to relax.

Our final choice for a dog friendly road trip car is a minivan with stow-and-go seating to give us ample flat space in the back of our car. We hit the road and spent several months driving the United States exploring its many bustling cities, beautiful state parks and other dog friendly destinations across the country.

In less than one year Gordo has visited over 20 states and sniffed his way through countless city streets and miles of natural landscapes.

Adopt-a-Pet has joined forces with Autotrader for National Dog Day with the launch of for a limited time. It is a fun and innovate site to help find local pups that need adoption. There is no better way to find an adoptable dog to join as the newest member of your family.

Finding the right car for a road trip with a dog

Once an adopted dog becomes part of your family, every decision starts to include and be based around your furry friend. A dog impacts where you live, where you travel, what you do on the weekend and even the type of car you drive. When looking for a car either for your daily life or ultimate road trip, there are several things to consider to keep your canine safe and comfortable in the car.

When finding the right car for you and your dog, there are many car features and accessories to consider. Luckily Autotrader has teamed up with Adopt-a-Pet to provide information to all pet and future pet owners on all the car needs of a dog owner.

No matter what dog you adopt and what car you end up having in your driveway, there are several items we recommend to keep in your car for any road trip or visit to a neighborhood dog park.

Collapsible Water Bowl and Water Bottle

Even a drive around town or to a nearby park can have your dog work up quite a thirst. It is important to bring a collapsible water bowl to keep your dog properly hydrated no matter where the adventure takes you. Also keep a bottle of water in the car, even if it ends up getting warm in the sun, as there is always a lack of water fountains when most needed.

Pet Seat Cover

Even with stow-and-go seats or washable seat materials, a shedding dog will make its mark in a car. Use a pet seat cover either on the seat or flat trunk space to help keep your car clean. It will also help prevent any spills or droll from staining the car.


Nothing will get your car dirty faster than a wet dog shaking off inside. Have a towel for your dog in the trunk as you never know when you will encounter a stream, puddle, mud or just an over-excited dog and a fountain.

Dog Waste Bags

A dog has to go when a dog has to go. Keep the environment clean by making sure you always have a way to pick up dog waste on a road trip.

Dog Treats

Traveling in a car, especially over a long distance or time is a new experience for most dogs and can cause a certain level of stress. Keep a stash of dog treats in your car to keep your dog happy, even if you get stuck in traffic.

Vaccination Information

Just like you should be carrying around your health insurance card, you never know when your dog might get sick on a road trip. Keep a copy of updated vaccination information in your glove compartment just in case. It is often required if you are looking to board your dog for the day or take a road trip into another country.

Car Harness or Crate

Keep you and your dog safe in the car by utilizing a harness or dog crate to keep your pet secured and out of harms way. At the same time, it might be good to get a GPS tracker for your dog to ensure they never get too far, even in a new destination.

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Alan Miguez

Wednesday 29th of August 2018

Good write up. I love the tips you shared with us.

Travel To Blank

Saturday 8th of September 2018

Thank you Alan!