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Travel the world through history: Testing our ancestry with Living DNA

Note: Make sure to check back in on this article soon as we update it with the results of our ancestry test with Living DNA.

One of our favorite aspects of traveling is learning about the history and culture of each region and destination. It is so great because there are so many ways to learn about it, from visiting museums, exploring architecture or just talking with locals. With our combined love of history and travel we wanted to put the two together to learn about our own family’s history and journey.

To dive in deeper to our ancestry and connection to many regions around the world, we both are getting an ancestry test completed through Living DNA. Not only do they have a beautiful online interface to display the DNA results, but allow you to keep continued control over your genetic material.

How it works: Taking a DNA Sample

Everything you for the simple and harmless DNA collection is included in the DNA sample kit. It is just a few steps laid out in the short instruction booklet. Simply swab the inside of your cheek and secure the sample in a bag before putting it in a prepaid envelope to send to the lab.

In just one minute from opening our ancestry DNA sample kit it was ready to be sent back to the lab and we were on the Living DNA website setting up our accounts and activating the kit. Each kit has a unique number printed multiple times on the DNA sample packaging to make sure your swab is matched with your online account correctly.

How much does it cost for a ancestry DNA test?

For a complete ancestry DNA test with Living DNA it costs $99 plus delivery. This cost includes both delivery of your DNA testing kit along with a prepaid return package for the DNA sample. The ancestry test itself includes three tests in one, with the regular family line ancestry, your motherline, and your fatherline ancestry if you are male.

The test results are then always accessible through your online portal with a breakdown of what regions in the world your ancestors came from along with a linage map of where your family has moved through the ages.

The coolest part about the one time $99 cost is that as ancestry information and DNA testing advances your results will continue to be updated by Living DNA.

So what are our Living DNA results?

Well, once we put our DNA sample in the prepaid envelope and dropped in the mailbox it is time to patiently await our results. Living DNA sends a follow up message once they receive your package along with an estimated completion date.

The website says it takes an average of 10 to 12 weeks for the DNA test results, depending on how many samples there are to be processed and holidays. Our DNA samples were received October 12th with an estimated completion date of January 9, 2019.

You can always check your online portal to see the progress of the DNA results. So make sure to check back at the start of the new year for an update about our ancestry!

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