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ATV Riding Trails in Punta Gorda at Florida Tracks and Trails

My favorite part of the mancation to Punta Gorda with Men Who Blog was the ATV trail riding adventure. As the only one in the group who has never driven an ATV or UTV, I let the other guys take the wheel, while I focused on having fun and taking photos.

Polaris RZR Punta Gorda

We headed to Florida Tracks and Trails, just a short drive east of Punta Gorda, on a sunny day, ready for an outdoor adventure.

ATV riding does take practice and learning, so make sure to stay within your limits and comfort zone. Always wear a helmet for safety, especially if you are riding on an ATV.

ATV and UTV Rentals by Florida Motorsports in Naples

Now we do not expect that a that most of you would be traveling with your own 4×4 and equipment. Everyone can enjoy this adrenaline packed day as Florida Tracks & Trails has an agreement with Florida Motorsports in Naples for on-site rentals.

ATV and SXS Rental in Punta Gorda

Depending on the size of your group and interest, there are several 4X4 ATV, UTV, and SXS options to rent for an off roading adventure. We were a group of five and shared three vehicles. Rick of Rick On the Rocks and Sujeet of Guys Gab in the Polaris RZR 900, James of ManTripping in the Polaris ACE 570, and Bob of The Traveling Fool driving the Can-Am Outlander with Steven on the back.

Rentals range from $250 to $600 for three hours depending on the size of the vehicle. They also rent helmets and have additional off roading gear available for purchase.

ATV Trail Riding in Punta Gorda

With our ATV rentals in place, we were ready to hit the trails. Florida Tracks & Trails has three different trails you can ride on in the rental vehicles, along with a drag racing strip.

ATV Riding at Florida Tracks and Trails

We started off on Trail 2, riding through some dense trees and underbrush. With thunderstorms the night before, this trail was rather wet and provided plenty of muddy fun. It is fun to to head straight through the water, but make sure to stick to the edges, where it is more shallow and less chance of getting stuck.

Trail 1 is a little higher up in elevation, so was completely dry and has little tree coverage. On this trail we were really able to hit higher speeds and enjoy a nice dry run. It was a bit bumpier, so unfortunately my pictures did not work out on this trail.

Florida’s Largest Adventure Park

Florida Tracks and Trials Complex Map

Florida Tracks & Trails has so much more to offer than just trail riding. Across the 1,000 acre complex there is motorcross tracks, paintball fields, off-roading, a swimming lake and even a place to camp for the weekend. There is truly an adventure for everyone on your trip to enjoy.

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ATV riding trails in Punta Gorda, Florida

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