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Best Hotels To Stay Up North in Kirkenes, Norway

Staying in Oslo, Norway or anywhere in Europe, there are so many close destinations that are perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. If you want to witness the northern lights with the one you love, look no further than the cute town of Kirkenes, in the far north of Norway. Grab your snow boots, your loved one and get ready for a breathtaking experience up north.

We were visiting Oslo, and took a flight from there to Kirkenes. From the airport we had set up a transfer to our hotel in advance.

Travel video of Kirkenes

The Snowhotel also has many activities to enjoy including a husky safari and chasing the northern lights. You can read our complete review of the Snowhotel, but here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit the Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway.

Kirkenes Snowhotel

There is nothing more romantic for us than trying new activities and adventures together. The Kirkenes Snowhotel gives you the opportunity to sleep in a hotel made every winter completely out of snow! Do not worry about sleeping in a bedroom with a cool temperature of -4°C, as they have heavy duty sleeping bags for a comfy night.

Besides for this once in a lifetime opportunity to sleep amongst the snow, the hotel offers plenty of unique activities to enjoy all that northern Norway has to show. Take a romantic husky ride through the mountains and bundle up for a snowshoeing hike to panoramic views of the fjord. No need to leave the hotel grounds to snap a photo with some beautiful reindeer.

After a day full of fun in the sun and snow, cuddle up with your loved one in the warm lounge for hotel guests with a cup of hot chocolate and sheepskin covered chairs. Make sure to wake up early in the morning for a relaxing sauna before breakfast. Read about our complete Snowhotel experience here.

Thon Hotel Kirkenes

In downtown Kirkenes, we spent the night at the Thon Hotel. Located right on the waters of the fjord, you can walk just outside for a view of the breathtaking landscape. We highly recommend staying in a Superior Room, which are the ones that look out directly of the fjord.

Not only do you get amazing daytime views from the comfort of your room, you also have a first row seat to the northern lights over the fjord. While it was relatively low geomagnetic activity during our stay, we were still able to get a few photos of the aurora borealis, all while in a comfy and warm robe!

The view from our bedroom window

In the morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet in the recently renovated restaurant area. There were plenty of fresh food options, no matter if you are looking for some local flavors or more universal breakfast options.

After breakfast with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the fjord it was the end of our romantic weekend in Kirkenes with a transfer back to the airport and back to Oslo.

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Best Hotels To Stay Up North in Kirkenes

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