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Bose Frames Alto: The Ultimate Travel Gear Gadget for Music Lovers

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Getting the latest travel gadgets to improve your next adventure is a must for frequent travelers. We love listening to music when we travel, especially on long flights or bus rides. But what about about those annoying wires or missing the notification of your bus stop?

We were excited to hear about the Bose frames, which are sunglasses with speakers/audio built-into the frame. As frequent travellers, the fewest items we need to carry the better for us to stay organized.

Audio Sunglasses for Travel

Bose Frames is a line of stylish, audio sunglasses that deliver a remarkable audio experience without needing anything in or on your ears. It is truly a new way to listen on the go. You can stay connected to the world around you while discreetly listening to music with a open-ear audio design.

Bose Frames use a custom-designed speaker in with a series of acoustic chambers and ports that steer audio into your ears from the frame of the glasses itself.

Staying aware of the world around you is important to remain safe and better enjoy a new destination.

Music and Phone Calls from Your Sunglasses

The Bose Frames offer full and rich the audio that can be enjoyed by the wearer, but does not bother those around you.

This travel gadget sunglasses are not just for listening to music. You can also make and answer phone calls, access Siri and your Google Assistant seamlessly. You can easily keep your eyes up and hands free while traveling.

Timeless Sunglasses Style

Bose frames offers two timeless sunglasses style to match every outfit and style. Alto offers a classic angular look with larger fit, while Rondo is more distinct with rounded lenses and a smaller fit.

The frames are comfortable for all-day wear and also provided the added benefit of UVA/UVB rays blocking sunglasses.

For us it what makes the Bose frames a clear winner as a travel gadget is combined functionality. Unlike headphones or clunky sunglasses with built in headphones which send a message to those around you that you are in a whole nother world.

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