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What to bring on your Spring time adventure



Spring is right around the corner and let’s be honest, when planning a new trip you also have to have in consideration what you need to bring along. That is why we came up with the ultimate five item packing list for an epic Spring adventure. We have chosen our favorite go-to pieces that are not only practical but that also show off your style and elegance.

These items will help you transition from the bundled up layered luxury of winter, to the shiny and new promise of spring. Keep in mind that in Spring it can be warm and suddenly change to chilly evenings or spring showers.

1. Stylish Hat

Stylish Maps

Wearing a hat will not only protect your from the rain and keep your head warm but it is also the perfect addition to your outfit. It adds more detail to a dress or to your jeans. Making you look fancy and fashionable.

2. Jord Watch


Being on time has never been more pleasant. I am in love with my new Dover Olive & Acacia wooden watch. It is not only elegant but it is the coolest watch. All the details of the watch components are visible through both the front and back of the unique watch.

3. Heart shape glasses with reflection

Heart shaped Sunglasses

I am obsessed with my new heart shape glasses, perfect for the spring season. It gives you a more unique look and the red/orange lens colors are the perfect way to receive the spring and the new adventures to come.

4. Rain coat

Rain coat

It is always key to be prepared for the spring showers. We recommend you to always carry a small, lightweight rain jacket in your purse or bag. You do not want to get all wet and get a cold.

5. Flats

Medellin Flats

I love wearing flats, they not only make you look more dress, but they are also pretty comfortable, especially when there is a lot of walking ahead of you. My favorite type of flats are ones you can fold up and take up almost no space.

Watches Made From Wood

Jord Wooden Watches Giveaway

Let’s start with what you are all waiting for, a giveaway. We have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to bring our loyal readers the opportunity to learn more about these unique wooden watches.

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