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Busch Gardens guide: The Best Roller Coasters in Busch Gardens Tampa

Jazmin was so afraid of roller coasters until she went to Busch Gardens with her cousin Walter as a teenager. He told her that she needed to lose that fear and enjoy each ride and the adrenaline they give you. She started with the kids ride until she made it to SheiKra.

Now, she loves every roller coaster and cannot wait to visit more amusements parks. We recently went to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay with our GoPro and chest strap ready. If you go to the park during the hot Florida summer make sure to bring along plenty of water and be ready to hop on the Stanley Falls log flume for a quick cool down.

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Our favorite part about the African themed Busch Gardens is that it is more than an amusement park, it is also an animal park! There are many different animals to enjoy along with the free-roaming Serengeti Plain.

Follow along on our favorite roller coasters in the park along with a small description of what you will be getting yourself into with each ride.

Busch Gardens Tampa: 6 Fun and Awesome Roller Coasters

SheiKra Roller Coaster

Sheikra will have you shrieking as you hang over the first 90-degree drop from 200 feet in the air. The roller coaster reaches a maximum speed of 70 miles-per-hour and includes a big splash. You will not get wet on the ride, but can wait outside the ride to get soaked.

Cobra’s Curse

Try to escape the Cobra’s Curse on Busch Garden’s newest ride. This roller coaster features free-spinning carts as you fly through the track. Imagine riding the teacups, while moving 40 miles per hour.


As Mantu begins the floor drops out below you leaving your feet dangling free throughout the ride. Enjoy the relaxing ride up the first hill before entering many twists and turns giving you the experience of weightlessness. If you are wearing shoes without backs, leave them when you get on the ride!


Kumba will keep you on your toes as this roller coaster has many sudden twists, turns, loops and more! At nearly a three minute ride, it is great for everyone seeking a classic adrenaline filled adventure.

Cheetah Hunt

Experience a cheetah on the prowl with Cheetah Hunt. There is no time to relax with a 30 mile per hour start out of the station. Enjoy many quick and tight loops banks and turns to experience the near misses of a cheetah. Just watch out for the sudden bursts of acceleration!

Let us know in the comments which ride looks like the most fun. If you have been to Busch Gardens before, which roller coaster is your favorite?

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The Best roller coasters in Busch Gardens

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